From Medisoft Version 9 to 25: How Microwize Ensured a Seamless Upgrade Experience

Executive Summary

This case study explores the successful upgrade experience of Addison County Chiropractic Center, located in Vergennes, VT, as they transitioned from Medisoft software version 9 to version 25 with the assistance of Microwize. Dr. Palmer, a chiropractor at the practice, initially had concerns about the upgrade process, particularly regarding data transfer and the lack of physical support being present.

Unlocking Potential: How Eye Group of Connecticut Thrives Using Medisoft


Eye Group of Connecticut is a medical practice that specializes in eye care services, including diagnostics, surgery, and general eye care. The differentiating factor that has made Eye Group of Connecticut successful is their excellent clinicians and surgeons, years of experience, and a positive patient experience that treats patients respectfully despite the very difficult landscape in healthcare these days.