Medisoft Online Appointments

Medisoft Online Appointments with Vosita:

Medisoft: The most popular practice management software that lets physicians add online appointments with ease – Vosita is an OpenTabletm for physicians: allows patients to find and book you online.

We have integrated these two powerful platforms so you can get rid of double bookings, keep track of all your online appointments, decrease the number of no-shows, and boost your practice by letting new patients find you, existing patients interact with you, and book online appointments easily.

What’s Vosita?

Vosita lets patients can find providers based on specialty, location, or insurance, book them for telehealth or regular in-office visits and review them online.

How Vosita Can Help You With Medisoft Online Appointment?

If you are already a Medisoft user, List you practice on Vosita to enhance the power of Medisoft practice management software. Vosita is integrated with Medisoft so you don’t have to transfer booking data manually between these two applications, and completely eliminate the double bookings for a single slot!

Online Appointments with Medisoft

Medisoft – Vosita interface Is here to grow your practice by providing you a seamless online appointment scheduling experience. It provides patients a quick, simple, and easy way to schedule appointments with you online from anywhere and any device using Vosita website or ios/android app.

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Create availabilityinMedisoft practice management software for Vosita and it will show up onyour Vosita profilewherepatients will be able to search and findyou onlineandbook appointmentsfor those available slots. Medisoft – Vosita interface lets allthe appointments sync between the two platforms, regardless of which side of the software they were booked in.

Online Appointments - Medisoft Vosita Integration

You can use Vosita telemedicine feature for all your telemedicine appointments, including the ones created through Medisoft, allowing you to evaluate and diagnose patients who may be separated geographically or are trying to reduce the risk of infection, AKA “Social Distancing,” but still need first-rate medical care.