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Medisoft Upgrade (Version 26)

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Medisoft Upgrade is maintaining the legacy and ease of use that Medisoft is famous for. Using simple icons, which identify the most common tasks performed on a daily basis, allows you to use Medisoft for your day-to-day Medical Billing and Practice Management tasks. You’ll never need intensive training to utilize the power of the product, that’s why most medical billing schools choose Medisoft for their training software – and that means you can easily find trained staff.
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Medisoft upgrade

What's New in Medisoft v26

  • Online patient scheduling (linked from your website & Vosita)***
  • Integrated Appointment Reminders
  • Patient DOB search
  • CURES Act Reporting
  • Medisoft 26 is available in Cloud or On-Premise
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Password security

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Medisoft Version 26: The Most Practical Medisoft Upgrade

This Medisoft Upgrade by eMDs is a commitment to help providers and Medical Billing Professionals get the best out of Medisoft Medical Billing Software. Microwize offers Medisoft v26 as a Cloud Service or On-Premise. The Microwize marketing team is a top award winner year after year. We are extending our marketing expertise to offer our clients (Medical Practices and Billing Services) a modern free web design that gives you the flexibility and convenience of having the patients schedule an online appointment that goes right into your Medisoft Patient Scheduling. (***Hosting Fees and Maintenance are not included)

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Medisoft upgrade v21

Medisoft Version 26

What is New With Medisoft Version 26?

KPI Dashboards in Medisoft version 26:

One of the latest features added to the Medisoft v26 upgrade is patient dashboards. You can easily monitor practice performance by examining key performance indicators with a new financial and patient encounter dashboard.

Practice Financial Dashboard: The Practice Financial Dashboard in CGM MEDISOFT V26 is an executive summary of your key financial performance metrics.

Patient Encounters Dashboard: This dashboard includes analytics of patient encounters so you can keep track of patient visits count, percent of appointments canceled or missed, and average charges per visit.


CGM CONNECTION is a state-of-the-art patient engagement platform that seamlessly integrates with MEDISOFT V26 to provide you a robust text, voice, call and email patient engagement tool.

MEDISOFT V26 – Search by DOB

Search by a patient’s date of birth (DOB) for faster, more targeted results.

AR Tracker Adjustments

You can quickly write off /adjust a patient balance by right-clicking on a patient entry.

Enhanced Password Security

Passwords will now require a minimum of 8 characters with a mix of alphanumeric characters as well as upper- and lower-case letters aligning with NIST standards.

Cures Act Requirements

The Cures Act includes provisions to promote health information interoperability, provide patients access to their records, and prohibit information blocking.

Boost Your Productivity with Medisoft Mobile

With the Medisoft Mobile app, you can manage appointments, view patient information, review patient visits, submit charges to your PM system, and perform several other significant tasks from anywhere at any time. The Medisoft Mobile app gives providers access to key functions and patient data right on their phone or tablet devices!

Medisoft Mobile v3.2 Updates include:

  • New functionality that grants you the ability to edit or delete an existing appointment directly within the app.
  • Detailed balances of patients give you the ability to view a breakdown of the patient’s remainder balances which affect the guarantor balance.
  • The ability to select a case from the Superbill, Charges, or Appointment screens and the ability to pull the diagnosis from the case to display it on the patient preview area.
  • Scans for additional insurance information on the patient card, policy information, the addition of a middle initial to patient names (for easier searching and sorting), and the addition of facility codes for a more detailed and accurate facility selection.

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