Annual Wellness Visit

Let Microwize Help You With Your Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit

Microwize realizes that the Annual Wellness Visit is a means for your practice to improve the quality of care by identifying care gaps, assist in patient engagement, and optimize payment opportunities. Microwize provides the people, process, technology, and know-how to perform these services compliantly in-house, without your facility adding new staff or any out-of-pocket expenses.

Annual Wellness Visit - Microwize helps you at every step

From first contact to final bill, we constitute an end-to-end wellness program that helps annual wellness visits be as impactful as they can be for patients and practices.

  • Meet MACRA compliance with preventive care
  • Uncover smoldering chronic conditions
  • Identify functional, vision, and hearing loss
  • Reveal challenges in family/social support
  • Address depression and substance abuse
  • Provide appropriate referrals and follow up to
    reduce the progression of the disease and improve outcomes

With our staff and software (or yours), we will check patient eligibility, and schedule and then manage the patient’s available Medicare-based preventive services. Then our staff or yours will complete the requirements for those services before the patient sits with the physician:

AWS - patient history

A review of the patient’s medical and social history

AWS - Risk factors

An automated review of the potential risk factors for depression and other mood disorders

AWS - blood pressure check

Perform a blood pressure, height, weight, and BMI check

AWS - family

Identification of potential functional ability, home modifications, and fall safety

AWS - end-of-life planning

Offer end-of-life planning

AWS - written care plan

A complete 5-10-year written care plan immediately available for the patient and physician’s review

Preventative healthcare management is the central theme of all value-based initiatives in “The New Healthcare.” Our integrated modular suite of patient-centered assessments has been shown to increase revenue, reduce costs, and enhance and improve your patient’s health.

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