Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Microwize is proud to be partnered with 100Plus – fastest-growing remote patient monitoring platform for doctors and their patients.100plus is the only remote patient monitoring provider with a complete end-to-end offering. Providers receive devices at no cost, while the devices automatically submit measurements to the 100plus provider portal, giving providers the ability to obtain critical care measurements with ease.

Remote patient monitoring with 100Plus enables medical providers to:

Monitor patients’ health information

remote patient monitoring for better health outcomes
Drive better health outcomes for patients

Remote patient monitoring add revenue
Add significant revenue to their practice

100plus is a network of remote patient monitoring devices for patients on Medicare. The platform solution sends patient data directly from monitoring devices to medical practitioners for review, enabling these providers to qualify for Medicare reimbursement under the new Remote Patient Monitoring program. As part of the Remote Patient Monitoring program, providers are reimbursed for: setup, hardware, service costs, as well as ongoing review of patient data. Eligible Medicare patients receive devices at no cost for them.

RPM Webinar

We do all of the heavy lifting to get your remote patient monitoring program up and keep it on track.

  • Complete patient outreach, education, and enrollment⁴
  • Device setup and shipping directly to your patients
  • Daily reminders to ensure patients are testing
  • Population Health Management Alerting for at-risk patients
  • Practitioner dashboard and templates to review patient data
  • Automatic bill generation for practitioner payment reconciliation⁵
  • Complete practice and patient support based in the US

How it works

100Plus is the quickest and easiest remote patient monitoring platform to implement. You can be Live in Five™ and have your first patient set up in minutes!

Advanced Devices for Remote Patient Monitoring

100Plus Remote Patient Monitoring devices serve more conditions, including heart disease, low/high blood pressure, CHF, diabetes, & weight.

Blood Pressure Cuff
Blood Glucose Monitor
Blood Glucose Monitor
Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer
Digital Weight Scale
Digital Weight Scale
Emergency Watch
Emergency Watch
Pulse Oximeter
Pulse Oximeter

National coverage with major carriers        Only 61% of seniors own smartphones      Stand alone and no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth required      Requires no setup and ready to use right of the box      Device warranty, replacements and returns with no questions asked      Batteries, glucose strips, and lancets provided in perpetuity      Provide future hardware to patients an no cost      US based customer support

Patient Enrollment and Setup

100Plus’ Complimentary Concierge™ identifies patients eligible for the RPM program, performs patient consent and training, and ships devices directly to your patients ready to use.

Patient Enrollment

EHR integration to identify and extract at-risk Medicare patients within your practice.
Patient demographic data is corrected, completed, and validated with partner APIs.
Patient clinical data is matched with supported 100Plus medical devices.
Medicare eligibility check to ensure you are reimbursed.

Device Setup and Shipping

Patient outreach and consent, automated dialing, mailing, email, and SMS.
Devices are shipped directly to patients fully configured and ready to use out of the box.
Patient outreach upon device delivery confirmation for training.
Unlimited free devices, which are critical to managing a patient’s chronic conditions.

Patient Data Review

Our Practitioner tools receive data from patients’ devices in perpetuity with no configuration and enable you to rapidly review data to fulfill Medicare requirements.

  1. Data from your patients are automatically uploaded to your 100Plus Provider Portal with no device setup.
  2. We notify your practice to review the patient’s data, ensuring that you meet the Medicare review requirements to be reimbursed.
  3. You can immediately see which patients have elevated readings and those still pending RPM services for the month.
  4. 100Plus pre-created patient reporting template streamlines the patient review process by using best practice clinical guidelines.

Remote patient monitoring-Patient Data Review

Remote patient monitoring-100plus

Billing and Reimbursement

Easily track and submit the time you spend on patient review in and out of the Portal to know when Medicare review requirements for each patient are met and ensure you are reimbursed each month.

  • Automatically generated claim notifications for practitioner payment reconciliation using practice billing workflow.
  • Automatic error handling to significantly reduce claim denials and resubmittal caused by administrative errors.
  • RPM claims eligible for reimbursement are generated each business day, reducing the lag time between a practitioner providing RPM services and getting paid.
  • Reconciliation of any rejected claims.