Lytec Practice Management Software – For the Medical Physician

Lytec is an easy-to-use practice management system uniquely designed to support the needs of independent physicians. With streamlined scheduling and billing functionality along with complete revenue management capabilities, the practice management software gives your practice the tools needed to excel in a changing healthcare environment.

Lytec billing demo

Lytec is one of the most robust medical practice management applications uniquely designed for physicians. This medical billing software is easy to use and efficient; it follows your practice’s flow and provides the practice management tools independent doctors need to enhance and grow their practices.

What’s New in Lytec 2022

○ Online appointments synced with Vosita
○ Advanced & clean reports for Lytec billing and more
○ CURES Act reporting
○ KPI dashboards
○ Robust patient reminder tool with CGM CONNECTION

lytec cloud

Lytec Cloud ™ (Anywhere & Anytime)

With Lytec in the cloud available 24/7, you will no longer have to worry about maintaining a server or software upgrades.

Lytec Patient Scheduler

Lytec Patient Scheduler

Scheduling appointments for your office can be time-consuming and frustrating. With this Patient Scheduler, you can create or move appointments around with just a click, or easily cancel an appointment if there is a scheduling conflict. Lytec gives you the power to efficiently schedule and view appointments according to your office setup, alert staff to required patient co-payments and balances due, and even print superbills.

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Lytec MD – EMR system Lytec MD – EMR system

Lytec MD includes a comprehensive EMR system designed with simplicity and quality care in mind. A simplified dashboard allows you to track appointments, monitor lab results, and view messages and helps you provide patients with the personalized care they deserve.

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medical billing Reports Reports and Reports Pro

Easily track your most important practice data with Lytec Reports. Choose from a variety of useful reports that come with Lytec, or purchase Reports Pro for additional reporting features and customization. Customizable reports can be created to analyze revenue, diagnose trends, and assess overall performance of your practice.

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Lytec – System Requirements

Lytec can be server-based (on-premise) or cloud-based; if choosing a server-based setup, purchasing the hardware recommended by Microwize will prevent slow speed, crashing, and freezing issues.

Clich here to analyze your hardware and the requirements to run Lytec on your equipment.


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