Aprima Training

Aprima Training with Microwize Technology

Microwize has made Aprima EHR training simple and easy by providing you with several options to fit your budget, schedule, and ability level.

Why Aprima training by Microwize?

Microwize understands that each practice is unique when it comes to their availability, technology skills, specialty, workflow, and staff. We tailor our Aprima training plan to your unique medical practice rather than trying to fit your one-of-a-kind practice into an inflexible training schedule. The training guideline is adapted to your practice’s needs, ensuring you have a smooth transition. We have worked with all kinds of people and medical practices and know how to train to different personality types. Our knowledgeable healthcare consultants make it easy for your staff to learn the software by breaking down the modules in easy steps. The techniques we use during training set the stage for a successful implementation, which is our #1 goal for you.

Before we begin, we will discuss your existing workflow with your current setup – software or not – and help to create a new workflow using automation within the software that will save your staff time and make your practice more efficient, ultimately saving you money!

Call 201-322-4100 to schedule a training session. In the meantime, check out the Aprima user manual.

Online One-on-One Training

Online one-on-one Aprima training is a very convenient option for most practices. Online training gives you the ability to learn from anywhere, with an expert trainer at your side via the internet. Online Training is a great alternative for those Aprima users whose schedules make it challenging for them to get on-site or hands-on training. You will get outstanding Aprima training and have all your questions answered live!

Online training sessions are available on an hourly (2-hour minimum) basis.

Aprima training Online

Aprima training On Site

On-Site Aprima Training

Our Aprima on-site training option allows you to get one-on-one training in the comfort of your own office/practice using your own computer. With Microwize, you are always in good hands. Microwize will guide you through every step of the training process and always be available to answer all your questions.

On-site training sessions are available on an hourly (2-hour minimum), half-day, and full-day basis.

Visit our Aprima video library for demos, feature highlights, and regulatory updates.

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