Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

End of Support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

Stay Up To Date, Avoid Problems Before They Happen

What are Managed Services? Managed Services provide constant monitoring and maintenance of network and computer systems to reduce the risk of failure.  It is the same failure that can lead to data loss and interrupt the flow of business. Costs can accumulate quickly when your system goes down and when staff members are unable to perform their work. According to Roger Sessions of ObjectWatch, the total annual cost of IT failures in the US is 1.2 trillion dollars. Learn more about Managed Services.

HaaS (Hardware as a Service)

Hardware as a Service (HaaS): a comprehensive IT management approach for medical practices; a turnkey solution for keeping equipment up-to-date and secure.

How Does HaaS Work?

We will provide your desktop computer, server, and firewall at no upfront cost to your practice. Microwize will manage the equipment by keeping patches, drivers, software, antivirus, and operating systems up to date.  We will replace all of the managed equipment every 60 months at no additional charge. For a low monthly flat fee that’s easy to budget, you will have the following benefits:

  • HaaS

    1. Equipment Is Never Outdated

    New hardware every 60 months: desktop, server, and firewall. We will provide you with new equipment that is managed and monitored by our healthcare-dedicated team.

  • HaaS

    2. Monitored Healthcare Cyber Security 24/7

     Hackers just love healthcare practices because you have all of the data they are looking for. Most healthcare providers are so busy and overwhelmed that, many times, security is overlooked or an afterthought.

  • risk-assessment report

    3. Risk-Assessment Reporting

    We are regulatory experts in HIPAA, MACRA, MIPS and many other regulations, which means that we can provide you with all the needed risk-assessment reporting and compliance to avoid any penalties and strive for bonuses.

  • fast support

    4. Fastest Response

    When you have a waiting room full of sick patients, you need a company that will respond quickly and efficiently because they understand how urgent that is.

  • 24/7 support

    5. 24/7 Service

    Healthcare is not a 9 to 5 business; Microwize offers round-the-clock support if required.

  • microsoft certified

    6. Top Certified Professionals

    With 100% USA labor, you will experience the best customer service and engineers in the New York and New Jersey area.

  • null

    7. Data Backup

    We’ve got your back! Data is a crucial part of any business; healthcare data is most important because it helps you touch so many lives. We understand how crucial your data is, and we are doing everything possible to monitor and test your data so you can have the peace of mind that Microwize is watching your back. 

  • cloud

    8. Cloud Offering

    Discounted Cloud Offering: If you decided to go cloud, Microwize owns state-of-the-art infrastructure dedicated to providing medical practices secure access, any time anywhere on a Mac or PC.

  • dark web alerts

    9. The Dark Web Watch Guard

    The ‘Dark Web’ is a place for hackers to buy and sell your personal usernames and passwords. We scan for threats and alert you while taking all the appropriate steps to rectify an attack. We also train and test your staff to prevent vulnerability.


  • null

    10. Section 179 Tax Deduction

    Hardware tax write offs. Consult with a tax advisor and find out how to write off the hardware equipment on the first year you sign up and every time we replace your hardware.


Our Managed Services Plans Cover

IT Preventative Services

Security Monitoring
Patch Management
Anti-virus Software Management & Updates
Sophisticated Firewall Device & Replacement Warranty (free rental)*
On-premise Backup Software & Monitoring
On-premise Backup Hardware (free rental)
Cloud Backup Software & Monitoring
Remote Configuration Management
On-site Configuration Management
Monthly Onsite Maintenance Visits


Managed Services Plan Includes:
Content Filter Configuration
Advanced Multi-Layer Endpoint Detection & Response
Hosted, Managed Firewall
Secure DNS
SSL Inspection
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Advanced Threat Protection (APS)
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Botnet & Malicious Website Protection

Peformance Enhancement

Content filter configuration
Advanced multi-layer endpoint detection & response
Managed firewall
Secure DNS
SSL inspection
Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
Advanced threat protection (ATP)
Data loss prevention (DLP)
Botnet & malicious website protection


Our Managed Service Plans Cover

Firmware Updates
End-user Support Portal
Unlimited Remote Phone Support
After Hours Emergencies
On-site Support

System Recovery

System Recovery Remote **
System Recovery On-Site
Labor Replacement of Parts and Units

Management Tools

Our Managed Services Plans Cover

Risk Mitigation Plan
Disaster Recovery Plan
Asset and Inventory Tracking
Monthly Health Reports
Network and Infrastructure Diagram


Managed Services Plan Includes:
Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Healthcare Organizations
Security Risk Assessment for MACRA/MIPS Reporting
Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you replace the hardware?

Every 60 months, we will replace the items that you are paying monthly fees for, such as servers, workstations/desktops, laptops, and firewalls.

Items not included: monitors, printers, switches, copy machines, etc.

Does the service include on-site visits?

Yes, the diamond plan includes on-site service; the gold plan does not include on-site service.

What happens if the hardware goes bad before the 60 months are up?

If a piece of hardware malfunctions, it will be replaced at no charge. Fire, flood, theft, or physical damage would need to be covered under your practice’s liability insurance.

How long is the contract?

60 months with automatic renewal, which can be canceled within 60 days of the renewal date with a written notice.

What happens to the hardware after the 60 months?

After the 60 months, you technically own the desktops and server. We can recycle the hardware and safely destroy any data on the old hard drive for you. It is your choice is you rather donate the computers if you want, after we safely remove any PHI (Protected Health Information) from your hard drives.

What if I wanted to expand by add more computers or locations?

No problem! We will provide a new agreement for each additional expansion which will have its own 60-month contract.

What data do you back up and where do you back up?

We will back up only the file server with on-site backup and cloud backup. We don’t recommend that you should store any data on any of the workstations.

Do I need a server if I go Cloud?

We love the cloud; however, for practices with five or more computers, most likely they will need a “Micro-Server” which will act as Domain Controller, File Server, and Print Server.

Can I block some employees from using social media or unwanted sites?

Yes, we will customize, support, and maintain the firewall we provide which will allow us to block any unwanted websites.

How quickly can I get support if I am having a problem?

97% of our support calls are answered within five minutes during business hours, Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time. We also have 24/7 support available for additional fees.

What do you mean by 'scanning the Dark Web' for us?

As a part of our managed IT service, our Channel-exclusive Dark Web monitoring platform provides the most validated credential exposure data available, so you can focus on running your practice while having peace of mind.

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Amany Elamir
Office Manager Elamir, Mazhar MD

“As usual we had a great service with Microwize. Thank you so much for your care. “

Maria Squirlock
Administrator Immedicenter

We have been working with Microwize Managed IT Services since 2009. The IT staff was knowledgeable to identify a major cost savings and improved the quality of our large and complex medical practice. Microwize Technology’s IT Services is a company that is extremely educated and extremely knowledgeable. Their passion to deliver quality service is unmatched. Microwize Technology’s IT team of professionals immediately understand our issue and provide quick, efficient & effective solutions. When ask to do something, they get it RIGHT the first time. Their dedication to our practice shows the value of their services. When we call each time, they have SURPASSED our expectations every time! Microwize Technology’s IT team exceeds all the other IT companies and do a fantastic job for us!


John Saegaert
Administration Belmont Eye Center

We find Microwize Managed IT services to be superb and transparent.

When we’ve needed back-up, Microwize has been infinitely helpful, readily accessible and most capable in addressing our concerns.

We are most pleased to have Microwize as our partners.

Dr. Janjua
Physician Janjua Facial Surgery