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Medisoft Training

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Medisoft Training by Experts

Medisoft training is easy with Microwize. With our Medisoft experts, you get a variety of training options to fit your needs. We have online training, onsite training, CD/DVD Training and even Medisoft Hands on Training classes.Medisoft Training

With Medisoft training, you can learn the basics like navigating through the medical billing software, entering “good” data and billing with Medisoft and using Office Hours to schedule appointments.

You can also use Medisoft training to learn the more advanced features of Medisoft, like designing custom reports, security/permissions and scheduling backups to occur automatically for optimal data security. With Medisoft training from Microwize, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Medisoft and Office Hours.

Medisoft Training On-Site

When you need personalized training for your office, whether it be one-on-one training or training for your entire staff, Microwize on-site training has your answer. Microwize will be there, in your office, to guide you every step of the way and answer all of your questions. Microwize will respect the way you run your office and tailor Medisoft Training to fit your usual routine.

On-site Training Sessions are available on an hourly (2 hr minimum), half-day and full day basis.

Medisoft Training Online

If time or distance makes it difficult to receive on-site training, don’t worry. Microwize can still provide expert training for you remotely, over the internet. Microwize will provider you with all the software you need to connect, and phone conferencing is toll free! It’s the fastest way to get real Medisoft Training, customized to your needs.

On-line Training Sessions are available on an hourly (2 hr minimum) basis.

Medisoft On Demand Training

Anytime anywhere rent or own Medisoft training course 101 including ICD-10 training. It works like a pay per view, you get to rent it for one week, one month or you can own it.

Medisoft Training downloadVol 1-Starting with the basics (58 min) Medisoft Training DVD

Learn how to navigate through the program using the following:
1. Menu Bar
2. Speed Bar

3. Shortcut Bar
4. Tool Bar

Entering Good Data
1. Opening the correct practice to enter

your data in
2. Entering Patient Information/Medisoft Training Medisoft Training downloaddownloadDemographics

3. Entering Case Information which

A) Insurance Information
B) Diagnosis (ICD-9/ICD-10) Codes C) AddressInformation / Referring

Providers, Facilities and


Vol 2— Let’s get billing! (60 Min)Medisoft Training

This course is designed to give you a detailed look into Medisoft. It will help you feel more comfortable with Medisoft and what it can do for you and your practice.

Posting Charges

1. Changing your from date
2. Entering the actual CPT code
3. Entering a modifier if needed
4. Number of units

5. How to pick which diagnosis you want

6. How to change your provider and/or facility right from the transaction entry screenMedisoft Training download

  1. Creating a New Practice
    A) How to create a new practice
    B) Entering the practice’s information
  2. Learn how to and why change the Program Date
  3. Explanation of Program Options
    A) General Tab
    B) Data Entry
    C) Payment Application
    E) HIPAA
    F) Color-Coding
    G) Billing
    H) Audit
    I) Billflash
  1. Benefits of Insurance Classes
    A)How to create insurance classes
    B) How to attach them to the actual insurance carriers
  2. Medisoft has the ability to have multiple cases for each patient

Next we’ll be showing you how to enter a patient’s co-payment and/or a patient payment.
1. Creating the payment codes
2. Entering a co-payment from transaction entry screen
3. Entering a patient payment from the transaction entry screen
4. Create and print insurance claims

1. How to create an insurance claim
2. How to print out the insurance claim

A) Using a red CMS-1500
B) Using plain white paper
C) How to look up a patient’s balance D) Quick Balance
E) Quick Ledger
F) Why send electronic claims?

Vol 3 (57 Min) Medisoft online training

Explaining the two types of billing:Medisoft Training download

1. Insurance billing
2. Patient billing

A) Why should you create a different case?
B) Creating new cases
C) Copying cases

Create multiple transaction lines with Multilink
Creating transaction notes
Verify insurance Eligibility with copay and referral information in real time

Setup Default Information for specific screens

A) Chart defaults
B) Case defaults
C) Insurance defaults

Creating a new provider
A) Address tab
B) Reference tab
C) Provider IDs tab
D) New facility

E) Referring provider
Learn how to use Quick Ledger to lookup all patient charges and payments GridColumnscustomizationisafeature that allows each user to set their screens according to their needs HowtoenterInsurancepayments correctly

A) Deposit Entry

B) Applying Payments

C) Documentation notes

  1. Balancing at the end of your dayA) Day Sheets
    B) Deposit Reports C) Payment Reports
  2. A detailed look into Claim Management A) Editing ClaimsB) Reprinting Claims
    C) Re-billing older claims D) Claim Notes
    E) EDI Notes
  3. Navigating through Patient Statements A) Statement ManagementB) How to create statements C) How to print statements D) Missed copay statements
  4. Office Hours Pro is an advanced appointment scheduler available for MedisoftA) Rescheduling Patients B) Using Breaks
    C) Using Resources
    D) Creating ReasonsE) Repeat
    F) Superbills G) Waiting List

H) Patient Recalls
I) Copay receipt
J) Missed Copay flag

18. Data Backup – We’ll show you why and how to backup Medisoft

19. Printing Patient Labels including marketing and birthday labels

20. Running Monthly Reports – Producing important reports to monitor the health of the practice

21. Rejection Codes – Have preset rejections allowing you to choose them as you post payments enabling notes to print on patient statements explain ing why the patient has a balance for that particular date of service

22. Statement Management – Adding comments to patient statements

23. Billing Cycles – Increasing patient collections without wasting statements To end your day today, we would like to give you a brief look into Medisoft’s advanced reporting module, Medisoft Reports. Let us show you some of the reports this module has available and their use to you.

Vol 4 (15 Min)dvd-labels_medisoft-v4

Using Office Hours Scheduler

1. How to open Office Hours
2. How to make an appointment
3. How to reschedule an appointment

No-show reports and other reports, superbill and template, recall list.

Bonus Vol ICD-10 (57 Min)

How to bill using ICD-10Medisoft Training download

Medisoft Training CDs/DVDsMedisoft Training DVD

Medisoft Training downloadIf you are running on a tight schedule, Medisoft Training is still not a problem. With Medisoft training CDs or DVDs you get to learn Medisoft at your own pace, in your own office, at whatever time suits your busy schedule! With training CDs it’s easy to go back and repeat something or skip ahead of information you already know! Medisoft Training CDs are great to keep on hand to train new staff.

Medisoft Hands on Training

Medisoft Hands on Training Classes are a great way to get live training from a professional Medisoft Trainer, for less! With Medisoft Hands on Training, you get a full day of training. It’s perfect for training your new or existing staff. The course is run over 3 days. You can sign up for all days, or just one or two. With Medisoft Hands on Training, you get your own dedicated laptop, a Microwize custom training manual, expert trainers, and a certificate of course completion. The greatest advantage of Hands on Training is the cost. Being in a group greatly brings down the overall cost for training!


training brochureMedisoft User Manual

Medisoft Monthly Tips & Tricks (Users Groups)

Medisoft how toOur monthly Medisoft Training /Tips & Tricks recorded meeting. In our meetings we demonstrate how to get the best out of your Medisoft investment and use the software to its maximum potential. All of the Medisoft training will be compatible with version 19 or higher.

training brochureDownload the complete Medisoft training manual.

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