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Microwize Phone Support

The hallmark of all great companies is their customer service and support operations. At Microwize, we believe that we offer the best support in our industry. Our support offerings cover all our product lines including:

Practice management system support (Medisoft, Lytec, Aprima, and Greenway Prime Suite)
✓ Electronic health records (EHR) support (Medisoft Clinical, Lytec MD, Aprima, and Greenway Prime Suite)
✓ Insurance claims rejection support
✓ IT support (PCs and servers, firewalls, networks, printers, etc.)

Microwize Phone Support

Lytec customer support

Benefits of Phone Support with Microwize

With ever-changing government and insurance company rules and regulations, it’s hard for a practice to keep up with them on their own. That’s where we come in. It is our job to stay updated with all market changes and present viable options to our clients. Our customers receive support in many different ways, such as:

  • Free online user forum – We’ve built the ultimate online user community where users help users — and our staff monitors the forum to pitch in as well.
  • Blog – We compile relevant articles that our clients find invaluable.
  • User group meetings – We host a monthly user group session for our registered support clients that cover the hot topics of the day. You are invited for a half-day session to learn important tips and tricks for your software.
  • Phone support contracts – We offer unlimited phone and remote support for one low price. This is the best option for busy practices who need immediate answers.
  • Assurance plans – Are you tired of software upgrades? We offer assurance plans that eliminate software upgrades. You pay a low annual fee and we guarantee that you receive all software upgrades covered under your plan. No more surprise upgrade expenses.

It’s no wonder we maintain a better than 98% customer satisfaction rating. We take our clients’ needs seriously. When clients need support, we’re there for them.

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