LYTEC Upgrade – Version 2024

Upgrade to LYTEC 2024

The Latest Version of LYTEC Practice Management Software

Elevate your medical practice with LYTEC 2024, the pinnacle of practice management software. Microwize ensures your upgrade is smooth, keeping you ahead in the healthcare curve. Trusted by countless practices, LYTEC consistently evolves to serve you better. Discover the enhanced features and benefits by watching our in-depth video, or request a demo with a consultant.

Why Upgrade to LYTEC 2024?


By upgrading, you guarantee that your software aligns with the latest HIPAA security standards, ensuring the protection of patient information and shielding your practice from potential legal issues.


LYTEC continues to be intuitive and tailored to your practice needs. Partnering with Microwize means complimentary training upon purchase, allowing you to swiftly continue providing attentive, individualized care to your patients.


LYTEC 2024 comes packed with new tools and features that further simplify billing, refine patient management, and elevate the overall productivity of your practice.

What’s New in LYTEC 2024?

eMEDIX Patient Statements Integration: Merge practice management and clearinghouse with eMEDIX in LYTEC 2024. Preview statements, manage inquiries, and guide patients with QR codes for payments—all within your software.

Patient Responsibility Estimates: Quickly offer good-faith procedure cost estimates using eMEDIX. Adjust coverage, copays, and more, while leveraging past payment histories for precise estimations.

Upgraded Eligibility Display: With eMEDIX Eligibility, experience a more detailed view of patient’s eligibility status.

Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2022: LYTEC 2024 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2022, ensuring optimal security and regulatory compliance.

Daily Activity Review Enhancement: Monitor charges, payments, and collections more effectively. Identify potential discrepancies and measure practice performance metrics efficiently.

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Newest Features You Get With Your LYTEC Upgrade

NEW LYTEC UPGRADE: Fully Integrated Patient Statements with eMEDIX

    • Integration of patient statements with eMEDIX in LYTEC 2024.
    • Merged practice management and clearinghouse under CompuGroup Medical.
    • Direct access to clearinghouse within CGM LYTEC 2024, eliminating need for third-party sites.
    • Providers can preview statements and handle patient inquiries directly.
    • Enhanced eMEDIX online payment portal with QR code for streamlined payments.
    • Collaboration with the top-tier eMEDIX clearinghouse for unified operations.

NEW LYTEC UPGRADE: Integrated Patient Responsibility Estimates

    • Enhance patient service with the new eMEDIX Patient Responsibility Estimate.
    • Quick access to good-faith cost estimates for planned procedures.
    • Integrated estimate display for adjustments: coverage, copays, coinsurance, etc.
    • Factor in previous payments and charge histories for precise estimates.
    • Print, save, and customize patient estimates with tailored messaging.

NEW LYTEC UPGRADE: Daily Appointment and Activity Review

    • Introduction of a daily review system for daily charges and patient payments along with other key metrics.
    • Get alerts for potential errors: from unbilled appointments to unbilled claims.
    • Analyze core metrics swiftly, making the most of the LYTEC upgrade features.
    • Keep track of missed appointments and explore the CGM CONNECTION Patient Relationship Management’s benefits.
    • Opt for daily or customized review schedules.

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Support

    • LYTEC 2024 supports Microsoft Windows Server 2022.
    • Emphasis on utilizing updated server systems for security and compliance.

Lytec Mobile Features:

✓ Scheduling
✓ Electronic superbills (capture your charges and diagnosis while at a nursing home or on your hospital rounds)
✓ Electronic prescriptions (from RelayHealth)
✓ Electronic claims
✓ Electronic statements
✓ Eligibility verification & much more…

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch, Lytec 2019 or later
Price: FREE from the iOS App Store

The LYTEC Mobile App

Upgraded LYTEC mobile app for LYTEC 2023, which enables you to electronically and instantly capture your charges and diagnoses using a customizable electronic superbill (no more paper superbills!). Easily transmit charges, diagnosis codes, and notes to your biller or front desk – on the go or in the office – from anywhere with an Internet connection. Now you can be productive and connected while at home, on the road, at the hospital or care facility.

What’s new in LYTEC Mobile 3.3:

Ability to edit single appointments
Delete single appointments
Expanded patient demographics display on patient card
Patient permanent diagnosis displayed on patient card
Select facility codes for superbill charges

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