LYTEC Upgrade – Version 2023

Upgrade to LYTEC – 2023

Microwize makes upgrading to LYTEC 2023 easy and painless. LYTEC is the most robust and easiest practice management system, loved and adored by thousands of practices. With each upgrade, LYTEC keeps getting better. Watch the video to learn more about what you can expect with LYTEC 2023 – now available for purchase.

What’s New in LYTEC 2023?

✓ Online appointments synced with Vosita
✓ Auto-creation of pending transactions from completed appointments
✓ Ability to make appointment resources inactive
✓ KPI dashboards
✓ Ability to add saved notes to payments and statements
✓ Current co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible displays when using eMEDIX** EDI
✓ Available on-premise and in the cloud

**Priced separately

Why should I choose LYTEC?

1st reason for Lytec upgrade


With our affordable, trusted, and proven practice management solution, your reimbursements will keep flowing while streamlining complex processes. We are committed to helping you take your practice to the next level.

2nd reason for Lytec upgrade


LYTEC is an easy-to-use solution that helps you keep a modern and successful practice. It allows you to serve patients with personalized, compassionate care while keeping up with modern trends in medicine. Microwize offers several LYTEC training options for you and your staff.

3rd reason for Lytec upgrade


LYTEC 2023 includes brand new features that allow you to switch resources to inactive, save canned notes for charges and payments, create charges from completed appointments, and more.

Lytec Mobile Features:

✓ Scheduling
✓ Electronic superbills (capture your charges and diagnosis while at a nursing home or on your hospital rounds)
✓ Electronic prescriptions (from RelayHealth)
✓ Electronic claims
✓ Electronic statements
✓ Eligibility verification & much more…

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch, Lytec 2019 or later
Price: FREE from the iOS App Store

The LYTEC Mobile App

Upgraded LYTEC mobile app for LYTEC 2023, which enables you to electronically and instantly capture your charges and diagnoses using a customizable electronic superbill (no more paper superbills!). Easily transmit charges, diagnosis codes, and notes to your biller or front desk – on the go or in the office – from anywhere with an Internet connection. Now you can be productive and connected while at home, on the road, at the hospital or care facility.

What’s new in LYTEC Mobile 3.2:

Ability to edit single appointments
Delete single appointments
Expanded patient demographics display on patient card
Patient permanent diagnosis displayed on patient card
Select facility codes for superbill charges

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