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Introducing LYTEC 2024

Same LYTEC You Love, Now with New and Improved Features.

LYTEC 2024 is the new benchmark in practice management solutions. Evolving from the foundation set by its predecessors, LYTEC 2024 promises to supercharge your practice’s efficiency with innovative features tailored to today’s healthcare demands. Elevate your medical billing process and harness the power of refined software, trusted by professionals across the globe. Don’t wait to optimize; upgrade to LYTEC 2024 today.

LYTEC 2024

With LYTEC 2024, Your Practice Can:

HIPAA Compliant LYTEC 2024
Stay compliant with HIPAA’s security regulations

Increase revenue CGM LYTEC 2024
Boost your revenue cycle

Improve your practice’s productivity

LYTEC 2024 Patient engagement
Increase patient engagement

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What’s New in LYTEC 2024?

For a comprehensive breakdown, watch the video to learn more about these new features and how they can revolutionize your practice management.

eMEDIX Patient Statements Integration

Patient Responsibility Estimates

Upgraded Eligibility Display

Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2022

Daily Activity Review Enhancement

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LYTEC 2024

New Features in LYTEC 2024

Explore some of the significant features added to LYTEC 2024. Click here for a personalized in-depth demo where you can ask questions!

LYTEC 2024

Fully Integrated Patient Statements with eMEDIX

    • LYTEC 2024 offers seamless integration with eMEDIX for patient statements.
    • Experience consolidated operations under CompuGroup Medical, eliminating the need for third-party sites.
    • Preview statements with ease and address patient queries directly from the software.
    • The eMEDIX online payment portal introduces a QR code on statements, simplifying payments.
    • All of this pairs perfectly with the industry-leading eMEDIX clearinghouse, consolidating operations with a trusted vendor.

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Integrated Patient Responsibility Estimates:

    • Elevate patient service at the point of care with LYTEC 2024.
    • Quickly provide good-faith cost estimates for planned procedures by checking patient insurance eligibility.
    • Time-saving pre-configured Linked Transactions cater to frequent procedure bundles.
    • A built-in estimate display facilitates adjustments for coverage, copays, and more.
    • Factor in past payments and charge histories for more precise estimates, which are printable, savable, and customizable.

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LYTEC 2024

LYTEC 2024

Daily Appointment and Activity Review

    • Dive into an upgraded review mechanism for charges, patient payments, and collections in LYTEC 2024.
    • Be in the know with potential issues, from unbilled appointments to missed copays.
    • Evaluate core practice metrics to assess collection goals efficiently.
    • Identify the frequency of missed appointments and gauge the potential of the CGM CONNECTION Patient Relationship Management tool.
    • Opt for daily reviews or adjust the frequency to match routine payment and charge recording sessions.

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Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Support:

    • LYTEC 2024 champions compatibility and security with approved support for Microsoft Windows Server 2022.
    • Practices are urged to use updated server systems for top-tier security and regulatory compliance.

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