EHR and PMS Integration

EHR → PMS Integration

With so many different medical systems available, physicians often find themselves working with more than one vendor for their preferred practice management system (PMS) and electronic health records (EHR) software. To have the same patient data available in both systems, either it needs to be manually entered twice, or an interface is required to allow the two systems to ‘talk’ to each other. 

Why you need to integrate your PMS and EHR (using an HL7 interface)

Most practices have two departments, clinical and administrative. The clinical staff deals with EHR software, while the administrative staff works with practice management systems such as MEDISOFT or LYTEC. We believe both EHR and PMS systems play a key role for the growth of any practice. With our integration services, we aim to deliver a steady and uninterrupted interface between such systems.

With our HL7 solutions, physicians can have a more efficient and transparent practice by connecting the workflow between the two departments for EHR and PMS integration. The seamless connectivity will help you save time and money by reducing duplicate work and increase your practice’s efficiency.

EMR - PMS Integration

Key Benefits of EHR → PMS Integration

The integration will let doctors and administrators monitor every step of a patient’s journey, such as patients scheduling appointments, doctors filling out patient notes and histories, and billers reviewing the claims submissions and reimbursements.

Revenue increase

With the integration between PMS and EHR applications, doctors will be able to review not only the medical records but also the financial aspects of the practice, which will result in increased reimbursement and revenue.

accurate interface

Our interfaces ensure that accurate information flows between systems, which is essential for the success of any practice. Interfaces can be uni-directional (from one system to the other only) or bi-directional (some data goes from the PMS to the EHR while other data goes from the EHR to the PMS).

We provide integration for

Medisoft HL7 Lytec HL7


with the most popular EHR/EMR systems

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