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Vosita is a web- and app-based provider directory where patients and doctors can find each other and request appointments. Providers of all specialties can list their practice on the Vosita website to reach out to patients seeking care. Providers can list in-office or virtual visits, send appointment reminders, and more. Additionally, patients can learn about the provider, read verified patient reviews, and choose between an in-office or telemedicine appointment.

Connecting Provider and Patient – Wherever, Whenever.

The world of healthcare is undergoing a big change. Now, providers are focusing on patient experience and patient satisfaction. On Vosita, providers can list their availability, accepted insurance, location, and languages spoken to make it convenient for current patients to make appointments, and to reach new local patients seeking care.

A Little About Vosita

Vosita was founded in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. If there’s one thing the pandemic made clear, it’s that we need to do things differently. It was a time where patients needed to see doctors the most, but the first time when doing so was potentially life-threatening to both parties. There had to be another way, and there was: telehealth was the solution.

That’s where we stepped in. Vosita connected patients with providers by allowing providers to list virtual appointment availability at a time when in-office appointments were not feasible. While we started with a focus on telemedicine, that is not our end goal. Our mission is to streamline the process of seeing doctors for both patient and provider, enhancing the experience for both.


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Why Should I Join Vosita?

44 percent of Americans say they didn’t go to a doctor when they were sick or injured. When you’re not feeling well and you need to see your doctor, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get an appointment. Everyone deserves quality healthcare, so we’re here to make that easy.

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Sign up for Vosita today and make it convenient for current patients to book you, and for new patients to find you. Vosita is the most affordable option for providers looking to offer telemedicine to their patients. Call or contact us and sign up today!

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Vosita is integrated with LYTEC and MEDISOFT software, so you don’t need to transfer booking data manually between multiple applications. You can create availability through your practice management software to show up on Vosita instantly! Vosita appointments will be synced to your software to avoid double bookings; similarly, all your appointments will be synced to Vosita, where you can use the telemedicine feature for all your telehealth appointments.

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