Lytec Training

Lytec Training by Experts

With Microwize, Lytec training is easy. Microwize provides you with a number of training options to fit your budget, schedule and ability level. With Lytec training, you can learn the basics like navigating through the medical billing software, entering “good” data and billing with Lytec and using Lytec Scheduler to schedule appointments.

You can also use Lytec training to learn the more advanced features of Lytec, like designing custom reports, security/permissions and scheduling backups to occur automatically for optimal data security. Whether you are at a beginner or advanced level, after Lytec Training with Microwize, you’ll be a pro.

On-Site Lytec Training

With on-site Training, you get custom training in the comfort of your own office, on your own computer. When Microwize comes to your office, you know you are in good hands. Microwize will guide you every step of the training process and be right there in your office to answer all your questions.

On-site Training Sessions are available on an hourly (2-hour minimum), half-day, and full day basis.

Online One on One Lytec Training

Online training is convenient. You can learn from anywhere, with an expert trainer connect via the internet. Online Lytec Training is great for those whose schedules make it difficult to get on-site or hands on training. You’ll get excellent training, and have all your questions answered!

On-line Training Sessions are available on an hourly (2-hour minimum) basis.

CD/DVD Lytec Training

Even if you are running on a tight schedule, Microwize can still provide you with great Lytec Training. Training CDs/DVDs are an excellent way to learn. You can learn at your own pace, and it’s easy to go back and have something repeated, or skip over information you already know! Plus, they are great to keep on hand for newly hired staff!

Lytec Online Academy Training

Go digital, the Lytec online academy is the same training course available on our DVD with added convenient to watch it on-demand on any devise such as: iPhone, iPad, other mobil devices, Desktop, Smart TV, etc… while you are online or off line. Lytec online academy is avilable with most of the Lytec Support plans by Microwize or with your Lytec purchase new or upgrade from Microwize, it is our way to say thank your business: Click to access on on-demand Training now.

Lytec Tips & Tricks

Recorded Sesions
Recorded Sessions

our monthly Lytec Tips & Tricks recorded meetings. In our meetings we demonstrate how to get the best out of your Lytec investment and use the software to its maximum potential. All of the Lytec training will be compatible with version 2014 or higher.

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