Remote Employee Services

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Remote Employee Services

What Is Microwize Remote Employee?

Microwize offering remote employees, is a virtual employee who can help your Medical practice with front desk or back office functions such as: answering calls and taking appointments, following up with accounts receivable, running reports, and printing patient statements. A fully qualified employee, who is medical billing certified and HIPAA-trained, is ready to join your team and hit the ground running. Regardless of whether you need coverage for someone on a leave of absence or workforce augmentation, a Microwize remote employee is your best choice. At only $475/week for a full-time employee + a part-time supervisor, it is the best thing you will do for your practice. Never worry about payroll, sick time, vacations, medical or dental insurance… A Microwize remote employee is an amazing option. Don’t compromise, go Microwize.

Remote Employee Qualifications

  • Add to your staff (workforce augmentation) 
  • Get coverage for an employee who’s sick or taking a leave of absence 
  • Front desk or back office employee 
  • Fully trained and certified on your billing software 
  • HIPAAtrainedNo more worrying about paying for sick days, vacations, payroll tax, medical/dental insurance. 

Remote Employee ServicesWhat Can A remote Employee Do?

Front Desk:  

  • Answer calls and make appointments 
  • Receive payments/copayments, post payments 
  • Balance write-offs/adjustmentsHire Virtual Employee

Back Office: 

  • Prior authorizations  
  • Patient accounts receivable 
  • Follow-up insurance accounts receivable 
  • Follow-up patient balances 
  • Insurance negotiations  
  • Posting charges  
  • Reports 
  • Patient statements 
  • Faxing/filing 

$500/week (up to 40 hours) 

You will get one fulltime dedicated employee and one part-time supervisor ready to join your team and follow your directions and workflow. 


Cloud Based Software such as Medisoft Cloud Subscriptions  or Lytec Cloud Subscriptions and VOIP phone System. Also make sure you check out the full Revenue Management Services (RCM) a full Medical Billing Services.

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