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Medisoft Cloud ™ – Access Anywhere, Anytime

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Medisoft Cloud Includes:

Free training
Unlimited support
Unlimited practices and providers
Upgrades and updates
Compatible with both Mac and PC
Access anytime and from anywhere
Never worry about backups, training, or support
One low monthly fee – makes it easier to budget

#1 Selling Medical Billing Software

The secret to the success of over 70,000 providers, now you could give it a try and see why.

Medisoft Cloud ™ Server – Let us host your Medisoft Data

Here are the benefits of having your Medisoft Cloud ™ with Microwize:

  • Get the latest version of Medisoft® all the time, anywhere you want. No more worrying about server costs, backups, security risk, upgrade costs, support costs, data corruptions or unexpected expenses. Get the best of the rich features of Medisoft software with the convenience and power of the Cloud.
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on your patients. Medisoft’s new Patient Intake Mobile application for iPad® automates the entire information-gathering process – giving you the ability to save valuable time and money. Simply hand your patients the mobile device, and through the Medisoft Mobile application they can enter their new information and edit already-existing information in Medisoft. The patient’s information will flow directly into Medisoft for you to validate and apply to their account.
  • Medisoft’s Mobile Patient Intake application can significantly reduce the amount of time spent copying patient information from intake forms into your software. With your front office staff focusing on more productive tasks, you have the ability to save thousands of dollars by increasing efficiency.
  • Get the Best
  • Medisoft Training (Online Training Academy) includedMedisoft Cloud

Medisoft Cloud FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I am already on an older version of Medisoft, Can I use my existing data?

Yes, you will get to use 100% of your Medisoft data you might have now. No matter how old you data is, we will be able to convert all your data to the cloud plus all your reports and any custom forms and Medisoft reports.

How quickly can I move to the cloud?

Very quick, within 24 hours. However depending on how many data set you have in case you are  a medical billing  company setting up the clearinghouse connection take about 1-2 hours per practice.

Do I expect downtime moving to the Medisoft Cloud?

Depending on how large you data is, you should expect 1 to 4 hours per dataset.

I am using Medisoft version 17 now, do I need to buy an upgrade?

NO, Medisoft Cloud comes with the latest version of Medisoft without you ever need to pay for upgrade again.

Can I use any clearinghouse with the cloud, or am I required to use Microwize EDI Direct?

The Cloud platform is made to connect to most clearinghouse, in fact I have yet to find a clearinghouse it cannot connect with. Microwize will always offer clearinghouse services, through Microwize EDI Direct because we believe in the service and know that it will fully integrate with the Cloud platform making the billing process easy.

Does the cloud come with the clearinghouse included?

Medisoft Cloud is priced by user where the Clearinghouse service is priced by NPI/Provider. That is why it is hard to include  clearinghouse service with Medisoft Cloud. Regardless of the clearinghouse you choose to use, the clearinghouse service will be a separate from the cloud service.

What if my internet goes down?

In the age of information, internet service is just as important to a business as electricity or water. Your internet connection is a vital part of your business infrastructure; yes, a lack of internet connection will result in a lack of connection to the cloud. Just remember while you are getting your business back up and running Microwize has your data safe and sound waiting for you.

How many users will I need if I have two providers?

The user count for the cloud platform has nothing to do with the number of providers at the practice. The Cloud platform defines a user as a person who will login to the cloud system, including but not limited to: Providers, office staff, and billers. Your user count will dictate how many people can login simultaneously, regardless of the number of practices and providers.

What if I want to connect the same user to two workstations?

Medisoft Cloud is anywhere anytime. Depending on the number of user you buy you will be allowed simultaneous concurrent users.

How long is the contract?

The Medisoft Cloud  has a standard contract of 12 months with automatic renewal. Cancelation must be delivered in writing 60 days before renewal.

What happens to my data if we decide to stop using the cloud?

The data is your property. If you choose to terminate cloud services and would like your Medisoft data backup assuming you are current on your payment and no overlaps on your contract.

Do we get to keep the software after the contract?

The Medisoft Cloud Platform is a service not a product for purchase. This means that you will not own the software just the data.

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