Lytec Mobile App™

Lytec Mobile App

Streamline the Patient Intake Process

Looking for a way to decrease paper clutter and increase efficiency in your medical practice? Look no further than Lytec’s mobile application!

With our new set of features, you can streamline the patient intake process, increase customer satisfaction, and decrease the amount of paper in your office. Using the Lytec Patient Intake mobile application, you can easily view a schedule of patients for the day, access basic demographic and financial information, and prompt patients to complete and verify required information directly on an iPad or tablet with Android.

Lytec Patient Intake:

let’s jump into our new patient intake mobile application and look at what your experience when you pick up the iPad or tablet with Android.

First, you will see a schedule of patients who will come into the office today. Select a patient to view their basic demographic and financial information, as well as the reason for their visit.

When the patient is ready to check in, select patient intake and hand them the tablet. The formatting and layout for patient intake is easy to follow and understand. It employs a workflow that your patients, new and existing use on a daily basis with their mobile devices, your patients will be prompted to complete and verify a variety of required information that they would normally provide on a paper intake.

Lytec patient intake mobile application, not only replaces intake forms. It allows you to upload unlimited practice specific forms and waivers. Patients have the ability to electronically sign these materials, making the patient experience completely paperless your current patients will simply scroll through and verify or edit their already existing information on the tablet, when the patient is finished, they will press Submit and return the tablet to the front office staff information will flow directly into Medisoft for your review.

Once you validate the information and accept the changes the patient’s information is applied to the patient and case your Lytec. Say goodbye the countless hours of copying information from intake forms into Lytec. The new features in the Lytec Mobile App, allow you to streamline the information gathering process. Contact us to schedule a demo or call us at 800-955-0321

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Lytec Mobile FQA (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Lytec Mobile App HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, Lytec Mobile App/ Patient Intake process is totally secure and password protected. When the patient is using the iPad or tablet they are locked from browsing and opening other patient charts. When the patient is done, the device is locked and no longer can be use until the staff unlock the device.

What version Lytec Mobile is available?

Lytec Mobile App is available with Lytec version 2015 and later, the app can be downloaded from the app store for free. It is comparable with Lytec Cloud  or Medisoft Client Server/Network Professional.

Do I need a user license to use Lytec Mobile?

Yes Lytec Mobile uses only one user license, for example is you have 5 mobile users it will use one license only.

Can I use the Lytec Mobile App in a 2nd office?

YES, you can use Lytec Mobile App anywhere that has high speed internet access, regardless if you use Lytec cloud or on-premise.

Can I setup Lytec Mobile App by myself?

Yes, however we highly recommend higher a certified and trained professional such as Microwize because the setup involves firewall configurations and template setup.

What else can I use the Mobile App for?

Lytec Mobile App/Patient Kiosk can be used for 3 things:

  1. Appointment Scheduling, you can view, modify and add appointments from iPad, iPhone or other smart phones.
  2. Electronic Supperbill, Physicians can do charge entry on the go using Mobile App to enter charge entry in the office or anywhere with high speed Internet access.

What if my internet goes down?

In the age of information, internet service is just as important to a business as electricity or water. Your internet connection is a vital part of your business infrastructure; yes, a lack of internet connection will result in a lack of connection to the Lytec Mobile App.

I am a billing service can I have my customers use Lytec Mobile App?

Yes, Lytec Mobile App is a great toll for Billing services to provide to their clients.

Can the intake forms feeds into my EMR?

No, the information stay only within the Lytec patient accounting and don’t feed into the EMR/EHR. Please check out Aprima which is also owned by the same company as Lytec. Aprima is a full suite (all-in-one database) where the EHR, Billing and scheduling data is in one data base.

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