Electronic Claims

Medisoft Electronic Claims Made Easy with Microwize EDI Clearinghouse

Medisoft Electronic ClaimsImprove reimbursement through streamlined electronic claims and remittance processing with payers

Physician practices need reliable connectivity to government and commercial payers to exchange electronic claims and remit data. With multiple file formats, different standards and other compatibility issues, meeting the unique requirements of each payer is challenging. But failure to meet these requirements, or sudden clearinghouse changes as seen recently with Capario, can lead to rejected claims, delayed reimbursement, and manual posting.

Features of Microwize EDI Connect via Change Healthcare

  • Single solution for all claims, including paper for CMS 1500s and UB-04s
  • Integrated with Medisoft practice management
  • Reconciliation reports for claims tracking
  • Includes payment, contractual adjustment, and adjustment reconciliation posting
  • Export electronic remittance data for additional reporting
  • Verify patients’ insurance eligibility automatically 

Microwize EDI Clearinghouse

Microwize EDI Direct via Change Healthcare offers professional and institutional claims processing via electronic exchange or paper, allowing you to connect easily with more than 1,900 payers nationwide. Our Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC)-accredited clearinghouse helps you by formatting, tracking, and reporting claim information for clean paper or electronic claims submission and processing.

Electronic Remittance (835)


Improve reimbursement through electronic remittance processing.

Save time by receiving payer remittance reports electronically directly into Medisoft practice management, and reduce the chance of human error. Take your medical billing to the next level by having Medisoft post your insurance payments and adjustments automatically.

Superior Service and Connectivity

Microwize EDI Direct via Change Healthcare delivers standard ANSI 837 professional and institutional formats to payers for compatibility with HIPAA standards. Standard 835 remittances are returned to the medical biller. Change Healthcare EDI also offers claim status (ANSI 266/277) transactions for increased visibility while the claim is in process with the payer. Change Healthcare processes more than 1.9 billion transactions annually with more than $1.1 trillion in claim value. Sending electronic claims has several important advantages:

  • Claim acceptance rises as much as 30%.
  • Payment time is reduced by as much as 50%.
  • Most claim services are priced below the cost of the supplies required to submit claims on paper.

Faster Insurance Payments, Less Hassle
electronic claims software

Imagine the ease and convenience of submitting all your claims electronically—both commercial and government—with full on-line audits and edits right from your Medisoft billing software.

Insurance carriers encourage healthcare professionals to use electronic claims by giving them first priority. Why? The cost of processing an electronic claim is comparatively less than the same claim submitted on paper.

Are Electronic Claims Better Than Paper Claims?

Unlike paper claims, electronic claims offer the following:

Medisoft EDI Claims

  • All government and commercial claims are sent to one clearing house.
  • Claims are immediately scrubbed for valid content including missing information, valid procedure and diagnosis codes, and carrier specific information.
  • A report is returned detailing which claims were accepted and which were rejected.

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