Medical Billing Services

Professional Medical Billing Services That Maximize Practice Revenue

All-Inclusive RCM Services for Optimal Billing

As a top medical billing service company, we partner with practices of all sizes, enhancing practice income and efficiency with our comprehensive solutions. We customize our services to best fit your practice and handle your insurance claims, collections, and follow-ups. Our goal is to provide quality medical billing services that increase cash flow so that you can focus on patient care.


Why Outsource Your Medical Billing to Microwize?

Outsourcing your medical billing to our experienced medical billing team allows your practice to leverage our expertise in handling patient insurance claims, electronic remittance advice, and meticulous follow-ups. By partnering with us, you gain access to:

  • Customized Billing Solutions: Tailored to meet the unique needs of multi-specialty practices, our services optimize your revenue cycle management from patient pre-authorization to electronic claims submission and beyond.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilize our cloud-based platforms for secure and efficient management of patient medical records and billing processes, including electronic remittance advice for swift payment processing.
  • Expert Medical Billing Team: Our AAPC-certified professionals are adept at navigating the complexities of medical claims for a wide range of specialties, ensuring your practice receives accurate and timely reimbursements.

aapc certified medical billing services

Full-Service Medical Billing for Providers

Microwize offers an all-encompassing approach to medical billing, from verifying patient insurance eligibility to managing denials and rejections. Our services include:

Charge captures

Posting electronic superbill billable charges quickly and accurately.


Verifying insurance coverage via an automated system to prevent unpaid claims.

Patient collections

Based on fee schedule, determining patient balances and collecting payments from patients.


Proper coding is crucial for accurate reimbursements, which is why our medical billing service includes expert coding of diagnoses (ICD-10), modifiers, and procedures (CPT).

Remittance processing

We review each remittance carefully to ensure timely and accurate payments for your practice, so you can focus on providing quality care.

Denials and rejections

Denial and rejection management as well as appeals on all levels.


Collecting registration information, such as insurance coverage, before a patient arrives for inpatient or outpatient procedures.

Claim submissions

Submitting claims of billable fees to payers (insurance companies) CMS-1500 or UB04 electronically or by paper to payers, primary or secondary.

Follow ups

Our medical billing service includes A/R analysis and comprehensive follow-up services to collect payments from insurers and patients.

Tailored RCM Solutions for Healthcare Providers Nationwide

When you choose Microwize for your nationwide medical billing services, you’re partnering with a reputable New Jersey-based medical billing company that has been dedicated to serving physicians of all specialties for nearly 30 years.

Billing Specializations We Handle

✓ Allergy and Immunology Billing
✓ Anesthesia Billing
Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Billing
✓ Behavioral Health Billing
✓ Cardiology Billing
✓ Chiropractic Billing
✓ Dermatology Billing
✓ Dental (& Surgery) Billing
EMT & NEMT Billing
Family Practice Billing

✓ Gastroenterology Billing
✓ Geriatric Billing
✓ Gynecology Billing
✓ Hematology Billing
✓ Home Health Billing
✓ Hospital Billing
✓ Infectious Disease Billing
✓ Nephrology Billing
✓ Neurology Billing
✓ No Fault Billing

✓ Obstetrics Billing
✓ Oncology Billing
✓ Ophthalmology Billing
✓ Optometry Billing
✓ Orthopedic Billing
✓ Otolaryngology (ENT) Billing
✓ Pain Management Billing
✓ Pediatric Billing
✓ Physical Therapy Billing
✓ Plastic Surgery Billing

Podiatry Billing
✓ Psychiatric Billing
✓ Pulmonary Billing
✓ Radiology Billing
✓ Rheumatology Billing
✓ Urology Billing
✓ Urgent Care Billing
✓ Vascular Surgery Billing
✓ Workers Compensation (Workers Comp) Billing

Improved Clean Claim Rate
Improved Days in Accounts Receivable
Reduced Bad Debt
Reduced Adjusted Collection Rate

Software Systems We Work with

  • Kareo
  • Patient Now
    • AdvancedMD
    • All Scripts
    • Athenahealth
    • Brightree
    • Chirotouch
    • Doctor Chrono
    • Docutap
    • eClinicalWorks (ECW)
    • Epic
  • Greenway
  • HelloNote
  • IMS
  • NextGen
  • NueMD
  • Practice EHR
  • Practice Fusion
  • RXNT
  • Availity (clearinghouse)
  • BestRX (pharmacy)
  • ChangeHealthcare (clearinghouse)
  • Office Ally (clearinghouse)
  • PK Compounder (pharmacy)
  • Trizetto (clearinghouse)

Why should you pick Microwize as your medical billing service provider? 

Microwize goes above and beyond in serving you and your practice.  We believe these services are valuable to increasing your revenue and patient satisfaction.  Your RCM package may include several of the following services: 


Microwize’s medical billing service comes with a top-notch EHR system that improves efficiency, communication, and productivity. Meet regulatory requirements with built-in dashboard monitoring, and get started with training included.


Stay connected, informed, and in control anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based software. Get access to your patient data from any device.


Our medical billing service includes state-of-the-art scheduling software with a user-friendly dashboard. Check patients in/out and reschedule appointments with one click. Enjoy two-way appointment confirmation via text or voice.

Patient Engagement

Our medical billing service includes patient engagement features like portals, secure messaging, automated reminders, and surveys to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Billing Efficiency

Our medical billing service provides 100% Microwize labor with an assigned, dedicated account manager to reduce rejections and denials. We’ve been helping independent providers stay independent since 1997.


Providers’ earnings depend on their performance against quality measures, making compliance crucial. Avoid penalties and earn bonuses with our medical billing service’s support and expertise to help you stay compliant with regulatory requirements.