APRIMA Demo – EHR & PM Software 

Considering a switch in EHR systems? Dive into a CGM APRIMA demo with Microwize Technology. Beyond a mere EHR, APRIMA delivers an integrated EHR and PM solution, blending patient care with efficient administration. Its adaptability ensures it fits the unique needs of every practice. For a holistic, seamless healthcare experience, book your APRIMA demo today!


Why Choose an APRIMA EHR Demo?

Dive into Key Features: Explore APRIMA EHR’s intuitive interface and witness its standout features first-hand. From efficient patient intake to seamless e-prescribing, discover why CGM APRIMA is a trusted choice for healthcare professionals.

Customized Exploration: Each APRIMA demo is tailored to fit your specific requirements. Whether you’re an existing APRIMA aficionado curious about new features or a newcomer eager to understand its core functionalities, our demo delivers insights that matter to you.

Guided by Specialists: Got questions or concerns during the APRIMA demo? Our software experts are right there to navigate you through the software, respond to your questions, and provide valuable insights to enhance your user experience.

What to Expect in Your APRIMA Demo

Fill Out the Form

Begin by providing some basic details to initiate the demo process.

Schedule Your Session

A Microwize Technology consultant will contact you to set a date and time for the demo, and ask a few follow up questions to ensure we customize the APRIMA demo for you.

Dive into the Demo

Experience a thorough walkthrough of APRIMA’s key features, from patient intake to billing. Discuss your existing workflow and receive expert guidance on whether APRIMA is the ideal fit for your practice’s needs.


APRIMA EHR/PM- On-Premises or Cloud-Based

CGM APRIMA is built to enhance patient care while simplifying administrative responsibilities. With Microwize, you can get APRIMA two ways: installed directly at your practice/clinic or accessed online from the cloud. Our APRIMA Cloud option lets you use APRIMA from any device, at any time, and is the most popular choice for providers and billers alike.

Ready to get started? Whether you’re thinking of changing your current system or just looking around, starting with our APRIMA demo is a smart move.