Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing Services

Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing (ASC) Services

Ambulatory surgery centers, or ASCs, are some of the fastest-growing medical services today. ASCs are modern healthcare facilities focused on providing same-day surgical care. These facilities must meet numerous federal regulations as well as state statutes. It can be difficult to navigate the complexities of billing and coding with multiple insurance carriers and payors.

Billing Services for ASCs

Microwize takes pride in our team of ambulatory billing experts who are well-versed in the revenue challenges ASCs face. Microwize believes in providing exceptional service to our surgical center clients; we work with you to understand your needs, concerns, and tailor a revenue cycle management solution that is right for you. Our expertise in revenue cycle management coupled with our 25+ years of experience can help to grow your accounts receivable and your surgery center as whole.

asc billing services

A Billing Partner Dedicated to Your Success

Get paid correctly

Our team of experts understand ASC billing guidelines so that your claims get processed the first time.

Get paid fast

Your dedicated account manager efficiently works with best industry practices to get you paid faster.

Improve your bottom line

We take care of follow-ups, denials, and rejection management to get you every dollar you deserve.

asc billing services

Get Started with Microwize’s End-to-End RCM Services for your ASC

RCM Services Offered:

✓ Billing & coding managers solely dedicated to you
✓ AAPC certified coders 
✓ RCM rates for insurance as low as 1.4%
✓ Production & quality: KPI results
✓ Free aging analysis
✓ Billing & AR follow up
✓ Certified coding–surgery specialized
✓ Clean-up sluggish AR reduce billing/coding backlogs
✓ Improve coding accuracy

✓ Increase cash flow
✓ Increase clean claim rate
✓ Reduce lag days & improve claim submission
✓ Reduce labor costs
✓ Fill in when your staff is out (retirement, sickness, PTO, etc.)
✓ Work authorizations & eligibility

✓ Work denials & appeals
✓ Underpayment recovery
✓ Payment posting

Your ASC revenue cycle management and billing services partner

Schedule a 15 minute discovery call to see how our billing services can help grow your ASC.

Grow your ASC with Microwize’s RCM Services


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1. Set up a discovery call

2. Meet your team

3. Improve your reimbursements