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Top Cybersecurity Threats in the Healthcare Industry 2022

The healthcare industry is facing a growing number of cybersecurity threats that are evolving in sophistication. According to Cisco, in 2021, the healthcare industry saw the highest Trojan activity compared to other industry sectors. The healthcare industry’s increasing adoption of mobile technologies, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices creates new opportunities for attackers [...]

CURES Act – New Changes & Enforcements 2022

Securely maintaining electronic patient data within healthcare organizations, while ensuring the right people have access to their data, has never been more important. Historically, health officials could not talk about patient data without acknowledging the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA was designed to develop a consistent set of standards to protect patients’ data from disclosure without their consent.

The Truth About Working in Medical Billing

Medical billing and coding are the cornerstone of any medical practice, ensuring that insurers pay doctors and hospitals properly.

A well-run billing department is a great asset to any practice and is crucial to long-term success. We interviewed our medical billing team at Microwize to get their feedback on the medical billing and coding questions everyone wants answers to.


Telehealth’s Place in the Healthcare Space

The healthcare industry has just experienced its biggest disruption yet—the impact of COVID-19 rattled the industry by driving intense transformation and adaptation in all aspects of patient care. According to the American Hospital Association, the healthcare industry lost over $200 billion dollars in 2020. In a time when patients were not seeking out healthcare for fear of getting sick,


The Evolution of the Patient Experience

Investing in the right digital tools can help healthcare organizations attract new business, get paid faster, and provide better patient care. The rapid advancement in technology has wedged a large gap between patients and providers. To close this gap, providers must meet patients where they are, and that means having a presence in the digital space.

great resignation

The Great Resignation and Your Practice

Some people refer to it as the “Big Quit,” while others call it “The Great Resignation.”

If you missed the ”60 Minutes” segment on Sunday, January 9th, it discussed why more Americans are quitting their jobs. Many businesses are having difficult finding skilled workers to hire. To summarize the segment:

  • More and more “baby boomers” have decided to retire and not go back to work
  • Many moms decided to stay home and not go back to the workforce
  • Others relocated to areas with more affordable housing,
NJ Non-profit Hospitals Get Tax Break

NJ Non-profit Hospitals Get Tax Break

A 2021 law drafted as a compromise between tax-exempt non-profit hospitals and the NJ municipalities in which they’re located is being challenged by a lawsuit. State legislators tried to address the dispute, where billion-dollar hospitals paid little to nothing in property taxes, with the law. A 2015 court ruling found that Morristown Medical Center was liable for taxes as a result of operating in large part as a for-profit organization.

Microwize award - Inc 5000 2021

Microwize Technology Honored in Inc. 5000 for 2021

Microwize Technology is honored in the 2021 Inc magazine's list of 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in America. Microwize Technology, a leader in the medical billing software, EMR (electronic medical records), and healthcare IT industry, announced its inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. For decades, [...]
Healthcare Magazine

“Practice of the Future” Healthcare Magazine Launches in September

A new industry magazine geared towards helping healthcare professionals stay on top of innovative trends in the industry. Practice of the Future, a new magazine catering to healthcare providers and the industry, is proud to announce the publication of its premiere issue. The quarterly magazine aims to help healthcare professionals stay on top of industry [...]