a hacker like those in the RansomHub cybercrime group

RansomHub and Change Healthcare

Weeks after Change Healthcare apparently paid the BlackCat ransomware gang a $22 million ransom to get back access to its encrypted data, another cybercriminal group called RansomHub claims to be trying to sell the 4TB of data. RansomHub’s April 16th message states that the data for “tens of insurance companies” contains Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as addresses,

What is the No Surprises Act? A Summary

Understanding the No Surprises Act: A Comprehensive Summary

The healthcare industry is in a state of constant evolution. As practices adapt to changing regulations and patient needs, it becomes vital for medical billing software to evolve in tandem. CGM MEDISOFT stands as a beacon of this evolutionary journey, especially with its v28 release. With its introduction of the ‘Patient Responsibility’

Selecting the Best EHR System for Your Medical Practice

The choice of an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system can significantly impact your medical practice’s efficiency, productivity, and patient care quality. A well-implemented EHR system can streamline operations, facilitate billing, enhance patient engagement, and improve interoperability with other healthcare systems. But how do you choose the right EHR system that aligns with your specific needs and goals?