The Truth About Working in Medical Billing

Medical billing and coding are the cornerstone of any medical practice, ensuring that insurers pay doctors and hospitals properly.

A well-run billing department is a great asset to any practice and is crucial to long-term success. We interviewed our medical billing team at Microwize to get their feedback on the medical billing and coding questions everyone wants answers to.


Telehealth’s Place in the Healthcare Space

The healthcare industry has just experienced its biggest disruption yet—the impact of COVID-19 rattled the industry by driving intense transformation and adaptation in all aspects of patient care. According to the American Hospital Association, the healthcare industry lost over $200 billion dollars in 2020. In a time when patients were not seeking out healthcare for fear of getting sick,


The Evolution of the Patient Experience

Investing in the right digital tools can help healthcare organizations attract new business, get paid faster, and provide better patient care. The rapid advancement in technology has wedged a large gap between patients and providers. To close this gap, providers must meet patients where they are, and that means having a presence in the digital space.


EMR vs EHR? Understand the Difference

EMR vs EHR? To begin differentiating between the two, it’s important to understand the shift in the medical industry. The growing advancements in the medical field within the past 50 years have tremendously improved our medical knowledge, as well as transformed research and development for treatment options. Because of this, those with chronic conditions have been living much longer.