Addressing Change Healthcare Cyberattack: Webinar Replay

In the wake of the recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare, many providers find themselves navigating uncertain waters. We conducted a collaborative discussion between Microwize and affected providers, offering a deep dive into the immediate repercussions, alternative solutions for claim submissions, and strategies for managing the disruption.

Whether you’re grappling with how to send claims, seeking updates, or contemplating a change in clearinghouses, our panel of experts sheds light on these critical issues and more.


Time Stamps:

  • 00:12 What happened with Change Healthcare?
  • 01:16 Should I still try and submit claims electronically?
  • 03:02 Where can I get updates about Change Healthcare?
  • 08:38 Can we change clearinghouses without enrollment?
  • 09:30 Can we send claims directly to the insurance company?
  • 10:44 Can I use the HCFA 1500 form without the QR code?
  • 12:59 Crossover to eMEDIX?
  • 15:24 What date do we have to go back in regards to printing claims?
  • 18:18 Electronically upload claims to Availity online
  • 21:50 How much is Availity?
  • 22:26 Do you know when this problem will be fixed?
  • 24:10 Are we going to have any issues using Revenue Management as our scrubber?
  • 25:30 Does the hack have any impact on One Healthcare ID?
  • 26:47 Is Medisoft set up to print on red CMS forms?
  • 27:59 How do we turn off auto-eligibility?
  • 29:09 Can you get into ConnectCenter to check claims?
  • 29:29 How to turn claims from electronic to paper in Medisoft
  • 30:58 What does the paper claim form look like?
  • 33:07 How do you know if claims are being rejected when sent by paper?
  • 34:06 Should we inform patients of the cyberattack?
  • 34:56 Can an insurance company issue a check if they are using Change Healthcare?
  • 37:32 You can use Navinet to check on claims
  • 38:09 Can I submit claims on Availity directly or just certain carriers?
  • 38:49 Can I still send and receive reports?
  • 39:05 Can you submit on NGS Connect?
  • 39:58 Is there a clearinghouse that we can switch to temporarily?
  • 42:10 Microwize has IT services for practices
  • 43:20 Can you show a brief Availity and or Medicare tutorial?
  • 43:45 Is there a class action lawsuit against UnitedHealthcare?
  • 44:43 Where in Availity do we upload?
  • 45:50 ERX service for Change Healthcare is back up

The repercussions of this cyberattack are still rippling through the US healthcare industry. For more information or for assistance in moving forward, please reach out to a Microwize healthcare consultant today.