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Medisoft Upgrade (Version 25)

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Medisoft Upgrade is maintaining the legacy and ease of use that Medisoft is famous for. Using simple icons, which identify the most common tasks performed on a daily basis, allows you to use Medisoft for your day-to-day Medical Billing and Practice Management tasks. You’ll never need intensive training to utilize the power of the product, that’s why most medical billing schools choose Medisoft for their training software – and that means you can easily find trained staff.

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Medisoft upgrade

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What's New in Medisoft v25

  • Online patient scheduling (linked from your website & Vosita)***
  • Integrated Appointment Reminders
  • Added/Improved ICD-10 codes Searching (an online look-up library that’s a real-time update for the active codes)
  • Clean up accounting tools
  • Medisoft 25 is available in Cloud or On-Premise
  • Improved Medisoft Reports
  • 20% faster

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Medisoft Version 25: The Most Practical Medisoft Upgrade

This Medisoft Upgrade Version 25 by eMDs is a commitment to help providers and Medical Billing Professionals get the best out of Medisoft Medical Billing Software. Microwize offers Medisoft 25 as a Cloud Service or On-Premise. The Microwize marketing team is a top award winner year after year. We are extending our marketing expertise to offer our clients (Medical Practices and Billing Services) a modern free web design that gives you the flexibility and convenience of having the patients schedule an online appointment that goes right into your Medisoft Patient Scheduling. (***Hosting Fees and Maintenance are not included)

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Medisoft upgrade v21

Medisoft Version 25

What is New With Medisoft Version 25?

OCR – Optical Character Recognition in Medisoft v25

Medisoft’s optical character recognition technology converts printed characters like demographic data, policy numbers, and copays from the patient’s insurance card into digital text in your software. You can extract data from previously saved images or from new scans. Verify the scanned data, select the information you want to save to the Patient Case, and click OK. If you ever struggled to read patient’s handwriting or found data entry tasks a headache With Optical Character Recognition (“OCR”) scanning technology in Medisoft V25, you can make mistakes and labor-intensive tasks a thing of the past.


Protect Your Practice from Business Disruptions

Unauthorized access to your system can cause disruptions in your business that might end up wasting both your time and money. Login and logout audit trail reporting is now available in Medisoft V25 and allows you to quickly and easily track any login/logout by computer workstation, users who logged in, users that attempted to log in, along with the time and date of each time the event took place. This feature is automatically enabled within Medisoft V25 and cannot be disabled, giving your practice an added level of security against bad actors.

Added Patient DOB, Age, and Last Eligibility Check Date to Office Hours Appointment Screen:

New enhancements to the Office Hours Appointment screen is designed to place all the information you need right at your fingertips. You can now easily read the patient’s date of birth, age, and last date for an eligibility check, saving you valuable time and money.

Boost Your Productivity with Medisoft Mobile

With the Medisoft Mobile app, you can manage appointments, view patient information, review patient visits, submit charges to your PM system, and perform several other significant tasks from anywhere at any time. The Medisoft Mobile app gives providers access to key functions and patient data right on their phone or tablet devices!

Medisoft Mobile v3.2 Updates include:

    • New functionality that grants you the ability to edit or delete an existing appointment directly within the app.
    • Detailed balances of patients give you the ability to view a breakdown of the patient’s remainder balances which affect the guarantor balance.
    • The ability to select a case from the Superbill, Charges, or Appointment screens and the ability to pull the diagnosis from the case to display it on the patient preview area.
    • Scans for additional insurance information on the patient card, policy information, the addition of a middle initial to patient names (for easier searching and sorting), and the addition of facility codes for a more detailed and accurate facility selection.

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