Medisoft Upgrade – Medisoft v27

Upgrade to Medisoft Version 27

Microwize makes upgrading to MEDISOFT version 27 easy and painless. With every version of MEDISOFT, the medical billing software becomes more powerful with new features, while still maintaining its user-friendliness. Microwize will guide you through your upgrade process, making sure that everything goes smoothly, with minimal downtime and stress.

Why Choose Medisoft?

1st reason for medisoft upgrade

MEDISOFT medical billing and practice management keeps your reimbursements flowing and streamlines complex processes. With an easy-to-use interface and a streamlined approach to clinical documentation, it enables you to focus on what matters — caring for your patients.

2nd reason for Medisoft upgrade

MEDISOFT is easy-to-use and adaptable to your practice. Microwize gives you complimentary training with purchase so you can start serving your patients with personalized, compassionate care as soon as possible.

3rd reason for Medisoft upgrade NEWLY ENHANCED

MEDISOFT version 27 lets you easily merge duplicate charts, move charges between cases, designate patient pop-up messages, and more.

What’s New in MEDISOFT Version 27?

✓ Ability to merge patient accounts/charts
✓ Customizable patient alert pop-ups
✓ Current co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible displays when using eMEDIX** EDI
✓ Ability to move charges and accompanying co-pays between cases
✓ Ability to add saved notes to payments and statements
✓ Inactive status indicators in the patient drop-down menu when creating appointments within office hours
✓ Opt-in contact preferences for patients using CGM CONNECTION** appointment reminders
✓ PDF image file support
✓ Multi-practice name display among Windows taskbar icons
✓ Available on-premise and in the cloud

**Priced separately

What’s new in MEDISOFT Mobile v3.2:

  • New functionality that grants you the ability to edit or delete an existing appointment directly within the app.
  • Detailed balances of patients give you the ability to view a breakdown of the patient’s remainder balances which affect the guarantor balance.
  • The ability to select a case from the Superbill, Charges, or Appointment screens and the ability to pull the diagnosis from the case to display it on the patient preview area.
  • Scans for additional insurance information on the patient card, policy information, the addition of a middle initial to patient names (for easier searching and sorting), and the addition of facility codes for a more detailed and accurate facility selection.
Lytec mobile

The MEDISOFT Mobile App

With the MEDISOFT Mobile app, you can manage appointments, view patient information, review patient visits, submit charges to your PM system, and perform several other significant tasks from anywhere at any time. The MEDISOFT Mobile app gives providers access to key functions and patient data right on their phone or tablet devices!

MEDISOFT Mobile Features:

✓ Scheduling
✓ Electronic superbills (capture your charges and diagnosis while at a nursing home or on your hospital rounds)
✓ Electronic prescriptions (from RelayHealth)
✓ Electronic claims
✓ Electronic statements
✓ Eligibility verification & much more…

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch, MEDISOFT V21 or later
Price: FREE from the iOS App Store

Easily merge patient charts

Everyone has created unintended duplicate patients. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe you didn’t know a patient had changed their name. Before now, those records cluttered reports and introduced billing mistakes. With CGM Medisoft V27, you can easily merge one chart into another. Watch as all the data and transactions move into a single record.

Move charges and payments with MEDISOFT V27

Mistakes happen, but now it’s so much easier to rectify charges and associated patient payments posted to the wrong case. Medisoft V27 comes with a new patient chart merge tool that allows the user to merge multiple duplicate patient accounts.  All the data and transactions move into a single record.  This feature makes it east to combine data, clean up data, reduce billing errors, and avoid confusion amongst staff.

Pop-up alerts with Medisoft V27

Patient pop-up alerts help the user to handle patient accounts more efficiently by setting protocols for your practice on how to handle patients with balances, missing information, or any other unique information on the patient.

With Medisoft V27, you can set up your own practice alerts and tag any patient with up to five notes or messages. You choose when and where the alerts pop up. Is it an alert for appointments, charges, or demographics? Get creative with one free-text notes (“How are your kids doing?”) and remind your team to deliver that extra, personal touch.

Current co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible display with Medisoft V27

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the exact out-of-pocket amount that a patient owes at the time of service? Medisoft V27 integrates with the eMEDIX clearinghouse to do just that.  New screens in the patient chart contain an enhanced display of up-to-date co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible data pulled directly from the clearinghouse.  This feature saves the user time by eliminating the need to access  a clearinghouse portal, and allows the user to easily navigate the patient chart demographics and insurance data.

Alerts and inactive patient status with Medisoft V27

The Cures Act includes provisions to promote health information interoperability, provide patients access to their records, and prohibit information blocking.

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