Lytec-StreamlineMD Integration

Why you need Lytec → StreamlineMD Interface

Having two different systems (one for your practice management and medical billing, for example, and one for your EMR or lab data) is like having your stamp collection cataloged in one application (scans, years, descriptions, quantities, etc.) but having the value of each stamp stored in another system. They’re both helpful, but the data would be so much more useful if you could combine it by having the systems talk to each other. That is where an interface comes in.

Key Benefits of Lytec → StreamlineMD Interface

Demographics from Lytec → StreamlineMD

With the Lytec – StreamlineMD interface, patient demographics like name, address, gender, date of birth, and insurance information are entered into Lytec as usual, and then pushed out to StreamlineMD, thereby avoiding the manual re-entry of the patient info into the second system. Appointments created or modified in Lytec’s scheduler will also be pushed out to StreamlineMD.

Demographics from Lytec to StreamlineMD

Charges from StreamlineMD → Lytec


As this is a bi-directional interface, information flows from StreamlineMD to Lytec as well; specifically, charge information for procedures, including the CPT code and diagnosis code(s), date of service, and attending provider. This information will show in Lytec’s Pending Transactions, where users can review the incoming charges and make any necessary edits before posting them to the system and generating claims as with any manually entered charges.
Lytec StreamlineMD Interface

Seamless Workflow Increases Your Practice’s Efficiency

The interface, therefore, lets two different systems, Lytec and StreamlineMD, act almost as though they’re sharing a single database, making the workflow more seamless, from registering patients to scheduling them to seeing them to creating the billing.

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