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What is cloud hosting?

When using a managed cloud server by Microwize, you can run your existing software from anywhere without buying and maintaining your own hardware. All you need is Internet access to use your software no matter where you are. Microwize, the name you trust, can go to work for you, cut your IT costs, and improve your overall software performance.


Backups: Every cloud server is backed up daily and monitored remotely 24/7. Consistent backup testing allows us to retore your data quickly. With backup verification, we help protect your data and the performance of your systems to minimize downtime and save your business money.
*Additional fees may apply for restoring backups.

Security: All of our hosted servers are behind a secure firewall, so you don’t have to worry about your data being compromised.

HIPAA Compliance: The healthcare regulatory environment is constantly changing, making it even harder to keep up with all the shifts in healthcare regulations. It is very crucial to partner with a team of healthcare IT experts that have seen it all and know how and when to tweak your approach to stay in compliance. Microwize is here to help you implement necessary changes to comply with HIPAA regulations and other requirements.

With Microwize cloud hosting, you’re protected against:

✓ Power surges

✓ Power failures

✓ Viruses, ransomware, and other malware

✓ Server maintenance and replacement costs

Top healthcare IT experts in the industry, friendly staff, outstanding customer care, and all done in the USA.

Save time, improve your productivity, and get a happier staff, better cash flow, and best of all peace of mind.

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