Lytec Tips & Tricks December 2018

Lytec Free Training Lytec User Group/ Tips & Tricks December 2018 Lytec Year-End Reports Agenda: Best Year End Practice Reports Maximizing Insurance Reimbursement Customized Reports Best Features Added to Lytec Since Lytec Version 2015 Patient Kiosk Q&A Contact US Contact Microwize Click To Contact US I am text block. Click edit button to change this [...]
moving to Medisoft Cloud

Top 8 myths for moving to Medisoft Cloud

Top 8 myths about moving to Medisoft Cloud: Myth #1 I will have to start with a blank dataset. Regardless of what version of Medisoft you are on, all your existing data will be transferred to the cloud including your electronic files to and from the clearinghouse and custom reports. Myth #2 My data won’t [...]
What should be included in patient satisfaction survey

What should be included in patient satisfaction survey?

What should be included in patient satisfaction survey? Do you remember the last time you noticed how your practice going on with your patients. Guess it’s been a while. You may think it is not compulsory, however, the patient satisfaction surveys are crucial to identify what the good things and/or areas are in your practice and what should be improved in your and/or other’s practice to achieve better patient satisfaction.

New RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) services with no upfront investments

PARAMUS, N.J. – Nov. 1, 2017 – PRLog — Microwize Technology – a Healthcare IT firm providing Electronic Health Records, Medical Billing software, and solutions – located in Paramus, New Jersey announces the release of new RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) services with no upfront investments.

Power of patient Portal

Many practices are beginning to enjoy the power of patient portal provides to better engage with patients — even to collect payments. But for Jennifer Cossin, billing manager, it’s the portal’s potential that holds the most promise.

“Honestly, you absolutely need an online presence today,” Jennifer said. “But there are a lot of things that we could do with our portal,

Medisoft Accounting Cleanup Utility

Medisoft Accounting Cleanup Utilitiy

One of the best new features in Medisoft Version 21.

Regardless of whether or not you inherited an accounting mess from another biller or the billing history has been neglected, Medisoft V21 is equipped with an accounting cleaning tool that will allow you to purge all transactions.  

Why should hackers have easier access to EHRs than patients?

Hackers Have Easier Access to EHRs Than Patients

Eric Topol and Kathryn Haun put up the case for holding medical data in personal clouds or electronic digital wallets, helping patients and getting rid of centralized targets for cyber crooks.
In a recent New York Times opinion piece Eric Topol, MD and Kathryn Haun,