Patient Collection Services

Patient Collections Services

70% of consumers say healthcare is the industry that makes it hardest to pay. Our patient collections service helps your practice collect more revenue with an all-around approach to bill management, improving patient collections and ensuring you get paid every dollar you deserve.

BillFlash is on a mission to help healthcare providers increase their collection rates and improve cash flow. We’re changing healthcare by making it as easy as possible for your patients to pay you, and getting you paid more. BillFlash is a comprehensive payment service that offers convenient and affordable payment options to your patients via OfficePay, SelfPay, PlanPay, and AutoPay.

billflash features

Features & Benefits


During your regular billing file reviews, you manage the rules that generate recommended accounts for collections.


From the recommendations, you can approve accounts sent and withdraw accounts at anytime.


You can see a list of all contact activities for every open account.


You are notified of, and must approve, any write-offs that your Payers offer.

Professional & Respectful

Our client’s payers are treated with respect and courtesy by our collections partner’s Recovery Team, who receive ongoing compliance training, courtesy coaching, and 75% of whom are bilingual.

Persuasive & Effective

The Revenue Recovery team tactfully lets payers know that you’re serious about getting paid, and it uses proven methods to increase your revenue recovery rates above the industry average.

Payment Plans

When a Payer is unable to pay in full for valid reasons, you will be offered pre-authorized payment plan (PlanPay) options that give payments when none were otherwise likely.

Deposits & Invoicing

Payments collected through BillFlash Payment Services will be deposited directly into the bank account used with your BillFlash Payment Services account. Invoices will include related fees.

Ready to Start Getting Paid?

Providers noticed a 60% increase in patient payments within the first 30 days!

Improving Patient Payments with BillFlash Solutions

“Providers noticed a 60% increase in patient payments within the first 30 days by using BillFlash Pay Services”

“We saw a 50% increase in payments when we started using BillFlash versus sending out statements ourselves.”

“Providers noticed the percentage of full payments rendered from patient from 77% to 95%.

“Industry data reflects sending electronic statements in addition to paper typically cuts the mean days to payment from 20 to 9 days.”