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Lytec MD

Lytec EMR + Medical Billing Software with Lytec MD

Lytec is a leading EMR software + medical billing software full suite among physicians today. With Lytec MD, you keep the proven practice management system, Lytec 2015, and get the full benefits of a CCHIT-certfied EMR software. Lytec MD covers all the financial aspects of your practice, appointment scheduling, document scanning, and robust reporting along with your EMR system.

EMR Stimulus Package

With the EMR Stimulus Incentive, physicians can receive up to $64,000 in incentives when they adopt an EMR software. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose an EMR that will qualify you. You need an EMR that you can trust will be certified, once specs are decided. Lytec MD is backed by McKesson and is CCHIT-certifed for the year 2008. That’s how you know it’s a system you can trust. To learn more about the EMR Stimulus incentive, visit our EMR Stimulus page.

Lytec MD EMR Key Features

  • Bright Note Technology – Lytec MD features easy-to-complete progress notes that automatically populate your patient charts with information including vitals, lab results, and medication lists. (Also works with Dragon Naturally Speaking.) See Video Below.
  • Provider Dashboard – Get quick access to important information like upcoming appointments, lab results, and messages all from one easy screen.
  • Health Maintenance – Web access to hundreds of protocols based on demographics and conditions specific to your patient.
  • E-Prescribing – Save time and money while improving prescription safety with drug interaction and allergy checks.
  • Advanced Reporting – Generate reports based on quality of care, pay performance reporting, and standard queries (for example, all diabetics who have a Hemoglobin A1c greater than 7.5).
  • Data Sharing – Import/ Export CCD or CCR formats to share and receive data from other EMRs.
  • Customize Chart View – Choose what you see in your patient chart based on physician and/or specialty.

Lytec Medical Billing Software

Lytec MD handles your practice management needs as well as your electronic medical records, with features including:

Lytec MD EMR Chart Screenshot

Lytec MD EMR Provider Dashboard Screenshot

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