Your time and money are scarce… 

Do you want to waste them on IT support that makes you need one of these? 

  • Do they take forever to call you back and respond to your requests? 
  • Are you paying them good money to keep things working, but are STILL having constant  problems, slowness, and other recurring issues? 
  • Are you worried they’re not backing up and securing your network? 
  • Does your head hurt from having to deal with the hassles? 
  • Do they understand HIPAA and healthcare and how to secure your Wi-Fi from intruders?  
  • How well did they handle the end-of-support of Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 to keep your office running securely and efficiently? 

Are you sick and tired of constant IT, phone, and computer problems interrupting your day and frustrating you and your team? Do you feel stuck with an absent-minded computer person who isn’t delivering the SERVICE you want, but you don’t know who else you can trust to do a good job without overcharging you?   

If so, I have the solution that will make IT-related issues one headache you NEVER have to deal with again. 

My name is Robert Gabriel, owner and CEO of Microwize Technology and author of the eBook “How to Lose Your Practice in 10 Ways.”  We specialize in Healthcare IT, delivering proactive IT support and services to medical practices in the New Jersey/New York area – like yours – with friendly and knowledgeable techs who will put you at ease and resolve your IT problems quickly and efficiently. Chances are, you’ve never heard of me or my company before, but when you finish reading this letter, you’ll be glad you finally have. 

Why can I make such a bold statement? 

Because almost every medical practice I talk to will confess that their current computer support person – whether it’s a friend who’s good with computers or a “professional” IT company – is NOT completely delivering the level of service they want. Therefore, they are forced to deal with ongoing technical issues and worry that their network is NOT secure from hackers, ransomware, extended downtime, HIPAA violations, and a range of data-erasing disasters. Clearly, this is unacceptable!  

Isn’t It Time To Finally Get Rid Of This Headache? 

Although the notion of providing reliable, affordable, full-service computer support isn’t an amazing concept, it still surprises me how many computer technicians don’t get it right. Therefore, I understand if you’re skeptical about our claims. My guess is that you’ve been disappointed, even burned, by other IT guys in the past. That’s why I’d like to extend the following offer to you… 

A $500 “Get-To-Know-Us” FREE Gift… 

As a prospective client, I’d like to offer you a free, no-obligation, no-sales-pressure IT Systems Assessment where I’ll send one of my senior technicians to your office to conduct an audit of your network’s security and overall health.   

When done, we’ll give you a report of findings that will not only reveal if your data and computer network really are properly backed up and secured, but also if there is anything you need to do now to prevent a major network outage, data loss, hacker attack, or other expensive, data-erasing disaster. Plus, we can almost always show you how to save a little (or a LOT) on hardware and software by switching to more efficient cloud-computing solutions. 

After all, it never hurts to get a competitive bid from a qualified third party – and this assessment is totally, completely free without obligation. 

The Assessment only takes 60 minutes to conduct, but when it’s done, you’ll know for sure if your practice data is secured and, in the event of a disaster, exactly how quickly you could be back up and running again. You will get an additional 2 hours of free service to use in the next 60 days; a total value of $500 as a gift to know us. I will be following up in the next couple of days to make sure you received this letter, and to see if you would like to schedule this free IT Systems Assessment. If not, please just let us know! 

Awaiting your response,
Robert Gabriel
Microwize Technology, President/CEO
201-322-4105 Direct
Author, How to Lose Your Practice In 10 Ways

Was your IT guy an absolute ALLSTAR during the crazy rush to adapt your business during the pandemic? 

Could you say this about your current IT guy?

The previous IT company I used was terrible and got me into deep trouble with the way they set me up.  Microwize came in and completely reworked my network. Ever since Microwize set me up with a proper firewall and network, I have been up and running almost constantly. Everything about them is great. The service is great. The person who services us is very knowledgeable.  There are so many people who CLAIM to be IT people, but Microwize really knows IT. I have no hesitation recommending Microwize.  They are very professional, the contracting process is easy and very understandable, and the service is excellent!

Dr. Michael DiGiovanna, DiGiovanna Family Care

Your team is extremely efficient in their response to any questions or concerns that I have. Either by email or phone, I feel that whenever I need assistance, they are there! While they have their own IT experience, they have been gracious enough to work with the IT person I have used for decades. I appreciate that willingness greatly. I am amazed by your support team and how quickly they resolve whatever the challenge may be. It never seems to interfere with my work with patients, in no time I am back up and running! Kindness and efficiency are attributes I appreciate very much in today’s society; there is not much room for a delayed response with medical billing! So when I can stay present with my clients it’s because I have great people backing me up. Serving with kindness makes all the difference, thank you!

Dr. Lauren Nappen

The single biggest benefit of Microwize is competency. Microwize was able to solve problems that my prior IT support company struggled with for years. Microwize is much more responsive, speak to physicians in non-tech terms, and deliver on promises compared to other support firms. It was the best IT decision I’ve ever made for my practice, well worth the cost, and the staff is a pleasure to work with.

Vadim Finkielstein, MD FASN

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