Greenway Prime Suite by Microwize salutes independent practitioners and groups.

Microwize is proud to provide Greenway Prime Suite Cloud, based on the same features of the server version that made Prime Suite the most decorated and awarded system in the ambulatory business.

Not all EHRs are created equal.

Doctor knows best in the exam room and in the development of health information technology — that’s why physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals are crucial members of Greenway Health’s software development teams. Their combined experiences and recommendations power Prime Suite functionality and the result is an electronic health record  that providers actually use… and use well.

Prime Suite, Greenway Health’s integrated EHR and practice management  system:

combines powerful clinical, financial, and analytics technology with customizable features so providers and administrators can document encounters, bill, and report the way that works best for them.

To make well-informed decisions for your patients and your practice, you need more than raw data — you need information that’s actionable.

Greenway Health’s data analytics tools enable you to aggregate practice data, then turn it into useful information — including reporting requirements for incentive programs, insight into population health, and information to optimize billing and cash flow.

Greenway replacing SOAPWareWith these tools, your practice can become more efficient so you can provide better care.


Large healthcare organizations can use their scale to streamline care delivery, scheduling and billing — but with greater size comes greater complexity. To achieve true economies of scale, enterprises and multisite clinics need powerful technologies, and standard practice management systems can’t keep up.


That’s why Prime Suite, Greenway Health’s powerful practice management system, is anything but standard. Prime Suite has dynamic functionality and features designed specifically for enterprises and other multisite organizations so that it meets even their toughest demands.


Prime Suite’s front office features allow staff to easily and efficiently schedule appointments and resources across locations, check in patients, and confirm insurance eligibility. For your billing office, Prime Suite practice management includes powerful features to help staff centralize and streamline billing for multiple office locations and specialties.

Send primary or secondary claims by paper or electronically. Professional or institutional claims.   Claim scrubbing software in real time as you enter your transactions reduces your claim rejections.

Integrated fax service, front office, back office and clinical staff communication tools that give a paperless office a true meaning.

The ability to exchange health information between organizations is critical to delivering quality patient care. Providers must be able to transmit and receive data to comply with government regulations such as meaningful use, but in addition, data exchange can be an effective tool to enhance the patient experience with the ability to easily transition between providers without delays or additional paperwork.


Greenway Prime Suite Health offers an information sharing platform that securely connects healthcare IT systems to improve visibility into patients’ progress, treatments, medical history, and more.

Greenway Prime Suite Software

The Healthcare Industry is intricate and disconnected. With all the changes to the healthcare system, it has become increasingly difficult for physicians to keep up with all of the new government requirements. Greenway Medical’s Prime Suite is an easy-to-use platform that will help your practice keep up with the changing industry. If you are a solo practitioner or you run a multi-specialty, multi-location facility, Prime Suite has tools to help you run a more effective practice.

Purchasing a certified system is no longer good enough for physicians to achieve meaningful use. You need a system like Greenway’s Prime Suite to help you meet all the core measurements. Prime Suite comes with an intuitive dashboard to help you understand how you’re progressing towards achieving meaningful use. Greenway Medical’s Prime Suite can also help with the total care coordination that will result in the new value-based medicine.

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The work of caring for patients doesn’t end after office hours, and mobile tools can grant physicians easier access to patient information inside and outside the exam room — anytime.


Mobile healthcare solutions also benefit patients, expediting responses to after-hours requests and making visits smooth and easy.

Patient engagement is more than an exam room conversation — it’s a partnership. Engaging with your patients gives you the opportunity to increase patient loyalty, meet value-based and pay-for-performance incentive goals and achieve better clinical outcomes at lower costs.

Greenway Health’s patient engagement tools are key elements in a strong patient engagement strategy. The online patient portal, messaging and appointment reminder solutions give providers the means they need to effectively communicate with patients and provide them with tools to better manage their own health.


Greenway Health’s population health solution, Greenway Community, provides the data necessary for value-based program participation and financial and clinical performance measurement at the enterprise, practice, provider and patient level.

On-going user groups and customizable training resources prove our willingness to serve you to your satisfaction. These reasons justify why our users become fans. Join the Microwize team and become a part of the family. Microwize has been helping independent practitioners stay independent since 1997.


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