Prime Mobile

Prime Mobile

Get Greenway Prime Mobil becuse the work of caring for patients doesn’t end after office hours, and Mobile tools can grant physicians easier access to patient information inside and outside the exam room — anytime.

Greenway Prime Mobile  app available for Android, Windows devices and Apple devices such as  iPhone and iPads can expedite responses to after-hours requests and making visits smooth and easy.

Using Prime  Mobile  apps on the go regardless if you are at the office, hospital, nursing home, home visits or on vacation gives you 100% clarity and access into your patient records.

Mobile also provides access to patient health records and Practice Management  information, including scheduling and charge posting.

Changes made go straight from your device to the main PrimeSuite EHR and Billing portion.

Manage medications on the go, ePrescribe new medications or refills, start a miscellaneous note or document a phone call are just some of the benefits you get with Prime Mobile.

You can also review schedules without having to stay late at the office.

Enjoy a better work-life balance, avoid wasting time or making mistakes with manual entry.


Use Prime Mobile in the office to:

Improve in-office functionality by performing tasks while moving around the office. Clinical and front office staff and is no longer tethered to a desktop when entering vitals while triaging and tracking patient status, Tasking features including task views, create tasks and reply/edit tasks are available on mobile.  Take a picture of a wound, use dictation or sign a note, make your life easier with Greenway Prime Mobile!

Greenway Prime Mobile  is a dream come true, with Prime mobile Healthcare is no longer restricted to office care, Greenway Prime Mobile  benefits physicians as well as patients, download the app and try it today for free or Call Microwize at 800-955-0321 now!

Prime MobilePrimeSuite Mobile healthcare solutions also benefit patients, expediting responses to after-hours requests and making visits smooth and easy.

PrimeSuite prescribingDo ePrescribing from your mobile device including iPad and iPhone. 

• Customizable design enables you to display only the information you want when you want it.

• Large, legible text and mobile-friendly icons accomplish task in less time without hassels.