Recycle Printer Cartridges

Why do you need to recycle printer cartridges and ink cartridges?

When a printer cartridge stops working or runs out of ink, the obvious thing most people do is throw it in the trashcan, not realizing that they add unnecessary toxins and pollutants to the environment. However, by recycling, we stand a greater chance of making the earth’s resources and energy last longer, as well as protecting the planet from harmful waste.recycle printer cartridges

Recycling is always growing in prominence, as an increasing number of people are recognizing how negligible actions could promote a much healthier planet. From cans and containers to papers and paint, a greater portion of our goods and product packaging are fashioned to be reused, and more usages for recycled materials are emerging daily.

It is estimated that around 500 million printer cartridges are sold annually in the US alone and over half are thrown in trash dumps, around 375 million to be precise. This happens because a lot of users do not know that there are environmentally-friendly options for keeping printer cartridges away from the landfills. To put this in perspective, the 375 million cartridges annually amount to:

1,000,000 cartridges daily

11 cartridges per second

375 million cartridges would circle the earth three times

However, for every 100,000 used cartridges recycled, we save close to 1,000,000recycle printer cartridges

liters of oil, 10,000 kilograms of aluminum, and some huge tons of plastic, but printer cartridges abandoned in landfills would take a lot more than 1,000 years to completely decompose. Hence, recycling is practically the best and most successful environmentally friendly option.

Recycled cartridges are professionally tested, refilled, and resold. They are just as good as brand-new cartridges, offering high quality prints, but are cheaper.

Here are additional great reasons to use recycled printer cartridges.

Saves the earth’s resources

Manufacturing a brand new cartridge consumes a great deal of resources. Around three quarts of oil is needed besides other constituents. Hence, whenever you throw a printer cartridge out, a great deal of oil goes from the ground to the trash. But recycling them saves million of gallons of oil and other constituents, such as aluminum and paper. A lot of people don’t know the difference they are making to the earth’s resources by simply recycling toner cartridges.

Prevents waste

It comes as a surprise to many that cartridges don’t compost properly. Similar to plastics, they remain in landfills for approximately a thousand years before decomposing. When you take into account 375 million of these building up all over the world annually, you’ll get a good view of the volume of unwanted clutter that can be eliminated by recycling cartridges. Recycling your cartridges helps prevent thousands of tons in landfills all over the world.

Lowers costs over time

Recycling cartridges more than just reduces environmental consequence. It has economic advantages as well. Remanufacturing a cartridge reduces the manufacturing cost. What this means is lower prices for the remanufactured products when you buy them at local stores.

So you can help reduce the millions of printer cartridges going to the landfills annually by recycling your printer cartridges today.


For every 100,000 used cartridges recycled:

Liters of Oil Saved
Kilograms of Aluminum Saved
Years to Completely Decompose Prevent

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