Fax Server

Updox Integrated Faxing

Main Features:

  • Easily route faxes to chart and set tasks
  • Auto-sort faxes from multiple fax lines
  • Edit and sign faxes and import to chart
  • 100% web-based faxing from any computer
  • Certified To integrate with Aprima
  • No hardware required
  • No contracts – month-to-month billing
  • 15-day FREE trial
  • SPECIAL: Try us today – Get your first month FREE!
You can use Updox as a standalone faxing solution or it can be integrated with Aprima EMR.
Communicated with other practice, physicians, or patients using Updox. Updox consolidates all incoming and outgoing communications to improve productivity and reduce overhead :


Send, receive, organize, approve and store incoming or outgoing faxes for your practice.
Faxes are transmitted electronically, saving you the costs of fax machines, phone lines, paper and toner.


Communicated with secure messages with other physicians and patients via the Updox portal.
Never waste valuable staff time on scanning in pieces of paper every day. With Updox, you can send and receive secure emails as a safe, alternative way to communicate with other physicians. Eliminate phone calls and snail mail to share lab results.

Updox is completely electronic. No hardware. No phone lines. Never scan again.

Case Study
Prescott Cardiology

Significant cost savings with a user-friendly solution

Practice benefits through reductions in paper, toner and staff resources

When Prescott Cardiology sought an electronic faxing solution that offered better options for tracking faxes, provided confirmations and offered enhanced sent/received data – their research brought them to Updox. The practice started using Updox for electronic faxing that linked directly with Greenway Prime Suite EHR.

“What we get through Updox has been amazing. It has solved a lot of issues we had in the past. We have easy tracking and better documentation of how faxes are sent and received. Now we’re able to tell where and when a fax was sent, along with how many pages and how many attempts were made before it was received. The detail is amazing. We’re a detail oriented practice and now the detail we have is even more refined,” says Eric Costanios, manager, Medical Records, and HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer.

Costanios is also happy with the way that Updox integrates well with Prime Suite. “It’s been amazing – a completely smooth, user-friendly process.”

Significant cost savings

Since implementing Updox for electronic faxing, Prescott Cardiology uses 75 percent less paper each month, going from eight cases to two, and have seen similar reductions in their toner costs.

Before implementing Updox, Prescott Cardiology had to hire in temporary staff to assist with scanning. Thanks to Updox, the practice reduced their scanning by 75% and has reduced labor costs in Medical Records by 90%

Updox offers a user-friendly solution

Updox offered Prescott Cardiology a smooth implementation. “Once we settled on Updox, it was very easy to learn,” says Costanios. “We didn’t need any formal training. We sat down with staff and let them practice on the solution themselves. It was actually a fun tool to use and you can practically watch items getting faxed out or moved to the chart right from your desktop. Staff found it very empowering for them to learn. We don’t need to wait 2-3 weeks for papers to get scanned into the system; now it is almost immediate.”

“Updox not only met my expectations – it has already exceeded them and we’re still finding new ways to use the solution to benefit our practice.”

What can we do for your practice?

Coastal Women’s Healthcare

A Short-Term Solution Delivers Long-Term Benefits

Easy implementation and integration with Greenway make Updox a permanent feature for women’s health practice

Coastal Women’s Healthcare, a 12-physician provider practice in Scarborough, Maine, is a thriving paperless medical practice. When they acquired another practice that was not paperless, they were concerned about the cost and resources of transferring that practice’s patient files and charts. They caught a demonstration of Updox and saw a solution that they could manage. What they didn’t plan for was how much it would enhance their practice.

“When we added a new practice, we needed a way to convert their charts quickly and efficiently,” said Bev Neugebauer, executive director, Coastal Women’s Healthcare. “We saw Updox as a way to have the office fax us the records so that we received them as electronic files. It helped with chart conversion without having to physically bring the charts over and we knew that faxing was easy and manageable for their office.”

As the faxes arrived and once other departments at Coastal saw how fast and efficient Updox was to use, they started asking to use it in their areas. “Updox has great workflow enhancement to Greenway task lists and document management,” said Neugebauer. “Staff members were eager and excited to start using it. It’s a very low-barrier product. It works similarly and integrates so well to the Greenway document import page that any initial concerns we had about training time and work flow decreases vanished immediately.”

“We’ve recognized significant cost savings with Updox. It acts as a virtual fax without having to purchase 10 fax lines and a fax server,” Neugebauer. “We use it in our lab to replace a fax machine. We issued six direct lines and this really streamlined their work with a direct fax, an individual fax that can be managed by a group. The easy set-up allows for quick implementation and problem-solving. ”

“We thought we’d just use Updox to help transfer files and be done with it. Then, we realized how much it enhances our practice and now we can’t get by without Updox.”