Lytec ICD-10 Coding Solutions

Wondering how the shift to Lytec ICD-10 may affect your practice?

Transition costs can be high, and with five times more diagnostic codes than ICD-9, adopting ICD-10 will present challenges for most ambulatory practices.

While the October 1, 2015 deadline for compliance may seem to be in the distant future, many items need to be addressed, such as the new CMS form, clearinghouse communications changes, EDI setup, EMR template customizations, and hardware upgrades. Please don’t wait until the last minute, as the industry doesn’t have enough resources to help all providers at the same time.

To make an easier transition to ICD-10, for you and your practice, we are offering a plan to help you out and spread the cost over 24 months with 0% interest.

Encoder Pro for Lytec Practice Management

This video is about Lytec Encoder Pro. Encoder Pro helps you select the correct diagnosis and procedure codes to reduce claim rejections. Encoder Pro: Encoder Pro enables you to use Ingenix® coding and reference software to locate an appropriate code, and then return it to Lytec transaction screen. Encoder Pro build into lytec helps you to avoid searching on the internet or use of a coding books. You need Encoder Pro for ICD-10 coding because accurate code assignment is a coder’s responsibility, therefore the coder must be to lookup  and ready to assign ICD-10 codes. ICD-10-CM is a clinical modification of the World Health Organization’s ICD-10, which consist of a diagnostics classification system. ICD-10-CM includes the level of detail needed for morbidity classification and diagnostics specificity in the United States.

Lytec Encoder Pro

Encoder Pro Button: The Encoder Pro button is available only if you have purchased a Professional version or a Client/Server version of the program. Click the Encoder Pro button to access the Encoder Pro program, a code search software.

Software Features

EPAX (EncoderPro Active X) enables you to use powerful coding and reference software, EncoderPro, to locate an appropriate code, and then return basic information to your software application from a database stored locally on your hard drive.

EncoderPro’s coding and referential software is also available as an online web service that allows you to locate the appropriate complete detailed code information and return it to your software application through online internet connection. Contact sales support for more information about EncoderPro web services.

Code Search Windows

To help you find the exact code or codes you are looking for, EPAX has several different search windows from which you can search for ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes. These windows are available from the EPAX menu in your application. You can search all code sets or a combination of specific codes sets depending on the menu option selected.

Recommended Apps for ICD-10 Coding

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