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healthcare digital marketing solutions

HealthCare Digital Marketing Solutions

Microwize has been helping healthcare professionals since 1997 and throughout these years we have tried our best to provide all the required IT services to healthcare clinics & doctors. Thus, Microwize has partnered with Digital Marketing Company Wowbix to provide all the best Healthcare online marketing solutions.

Digital Marketing is all you need to boost your Medical Practice!

With the growing competition in every field, we know how hard it has become for any business to generate leads and to grow itself on the internet. We believe that online healthcare marketing solutions are the most important factor to grow any business in 2018 organically.

Why should we rely on internet marketing services?

Working in the healthcare field, are retail medical offices popping up on each corner near you? Are you concerned? Yes, you should be.  An effective digital marketing strategy that comes up with marketing solutions attracts new patients while building loyalty among your current patients. It gets patients in for their first visit and keeps them coming back for the lifetime.

Are you wasting marketing dollars on promotional channels with little ROI? Microwize Online Marketing includes tools to connect with today’s tech-savvy patients and stay at the forefront of a highly-competitive healthcare marketplace including retail medical practices.

Microwize Partnership to offer the best online marketing solutions:

Wowbix is a result driven & creative digital marketing company in NJ. It is specialized in almost every niche including healthcare, automobiles, shopping & more. Microwize along with Wowbix offers below internet marketing solutions to the clients.

⇒ Web design
⇒ Graphic design
⇒ 2d Animated
⇒ On-Hold messages

Web design Wed design marketing

Your website is the first impression, make every impression counts. According to Google, nearly 80% of patients search online before booking an appointment. If your website is the virtual front door to your practice, can prospective patients find it? Are you making a good first impression that makes them want to come back again? If your goal is to grow your practice & return on investment with consistent new patient volume, it’s time to look to your online reputation. Microwize partners with our sister company Wowbix to produce professional and engaging medical website design services as our marketing solutions that set you apart from the competition and provide prospective patients with a great first impression.

Graphic design Wed design marketing

Anything digital will need design and the design must be creative to stay last longer in the thoughts of your visitors ;). Whether it is a website design, video, stationery, you will need it to be designed. We provide the best graphic design to our clients, the design that will make your healthcare business attractive and catchy!

Animation Videosmarketing solution

2d animation and explainer videos are the best way to communicate with your customers. You can explain your product, surgeries, services, presentations or anything about your healthcare business, using the 2d animation services which Microwize is offering.

SEO SEO solution

Do you want to grow traffic to your medical website? Do you want high rankings on search engines? Sure, everyone does! The SEO is the most basic need for any business website. Microwize knows the importance of good rankings and we offer the most professional NJ SEO Services as part of our healthcare marketing solutions.

On-Hold Messages

patient on hold messaging

When callers are placed on hold, that’s an ideal time to share information about your practice. When using the Microwize VOIP telephone system we include a professional menu and on-hold messaging with the music of your liking. Bragging about your credentials, experiences, and services you are offering including new treatments or procedures is an effective way of communication to your patients. Allows you to give callers who are placed on hold a more positive experience with an effective mix of music and information. It’s an essential marketing solution for patient retention. Communicating your message including hours of operations and staff experience can be one of the ways to distinguish your practice against a retail medical practice that just opened next to you.

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