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HealthCare Digital Marketing Solutions

Microwize has been helping healthcare professionals since 1997 and throughout these years we have tried our best to provide all the required IT services to healthcare clinics & doctors. Robert Gabriel the CEO of Microwize realized the need for providers to reach their patients online, easily and conveniently, so he founded Vosita allows providers to provide convenient booking options for their patients and give them online visibility so that they can reach new patients in their location.

healthcare digital marketing solutions

Why is internet marketing important for healthcare practices?

All of the patients are looking for doctors and healthcare practices online and if your practice won’t show up on their searches, they will visit your competitors. So, it is important that you market your practice online in a way that your patients can find you and visit you!

How We Help You?

We help you with website design, office tour video marketing, SEO, SEM and online reputation management, so that you can get more patients to your office!

Web Design Wed design marketing

Your website is the first impression and we help you make every impression count. According to Google, nearly 80% of patients search online before booking an appointment. So, are you making a good first impression? Microwize provides medical website design that helps you get new patients to your office door.

Video Marketingmarketing solution

An office tour video on your website slider can increase your website conversion rate by 90%. So make sure to get a custom medical video and start getting more leads online.

SEO SEO solution

The best way to get more traffic on your website is by ranking it on search engines. Each one of your patient is searching for some keywords on Google, we help you make sure to be found on those terms. Check out our medical SEO services.


Vosita serves as an OpenTable for physicians, where patients can find a provider based on specialty, insurance network, location, reviews, or the language they speak. Patients can book a video visit aka Telehealth or virtual visit, or they can book a regular in-office appointment. You can list your practice on Vosita for free to attract new patients and connect with existing patients online.

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