Medical Billing by Medisoft

Medisoft Medical Billing Offers Advanced Practice Management

When it comes to Medical Billing Sotware, Medisoft products provide the features necessary to help physicians and billing services with their insurance claims and billing, all at an amazingly affordable price. A complete Medisoft system typically costs much less than other systems.

Medisoft Software Simplifies Medical Billing

  • Medical Billing Instantly view outstanding payments with pop-up patient ledgers that give detailed patient account activity.
  • Automatically match charges to payments using Payment Application.
  • Store and recall up to 26 prices for each procedure.
  • Mark procedure and diagnosis codes as HIPAA approved.

Medical Billing

Medisoft Speeds Insurance Billing

  • Store medical billing information for virtually every type of health insurance.
  • Print standard HCFA-1500 health insurance claim forms directly onto a preprinted form or on plain paper with preformatted lines.
  • Send claims with Medisoft Electronic Claims for error-checking that reduces rejections and speeds payment.
  • Verify a patient’s eligibility status in a healthcare plan with Medisoft Electronic Claims Powered by MedAvant — from deductibles and co-payments to status in specific plan programs.

Medisoft Patient Intake

Medisoft Improves Collections

  • Print patient statements on standard business forms or print customized patient statements with collection messages.
  • Process, print, fold, and mail your statements with Medisoft Electronic patient statements.
  • Write professional collection letters.
  • Reduce patient account inquiries with the patient remainder billing feature that holds patient statements until all insurance payments are received.
  • Easily pinpoint past-due payments with patient aging reports.

Medisoft Streamlines Practice Management

  • Close a day’s accounting quickly and accurately with the Patient Daysheet.
  • Summarize charges, payments, and account adjustments with the Practice Analysis Report.
  • Pinpoint referral sources for tracking and/or acknowledgement with the Patient Referral Report.
  • Automate appointment scheduling with included Office Hours software.
  • Assign a security level for each employee for complete control of activities and protection of data.
  • Track conversations with insurance carriers, pharmacies, or others with the Contact Log.
  • Write personalized form letters, print birthday lists, or create custom reports with the Report Designer.

Medisoft Simplifies Managed Care

  • Create a treatment plan for insurance payment approval before services are performed.
  • Track the number of allowed visits or visits in a treatment series.
  • Handle PPO patients with a fixed co-payment easily and efficiently.

Medisoft Excels In Ease Of Use

  • Receive a clear explanation for every screen in the Medisoft program with pop-up help windows.
  • Customize, create, or move the program’s toolbars.
  • Browse or search all categories of information stored in the program
  • Automatically schedule backups.
  • Automatically log off users after a period of being idle in accordance to HIPAA requirements.

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