Medisoft Clinical – Medisoft EHR

Medisoft Clinical – Most Popular EHR for Medisoft

Medisoft Clinical combines the power of the most popular medical billing software with Electronic Health Records (EHR). With all of the EHR software on the market, it is difficult to find one that suits your specific needs.

Backed by CompuGroup Medical, Medisoft Clinical is one of the most popular choices. With CCHIT certification, Medisoft Clinical is a product you can trust. Medisoft Clinical features a unique, note-centric design. Anything you add to your patient note – vitals, medications, lab results – will automatically be added to the patient chart.

Merit-Based Incentive Payment System

By demonstrating high performance on quality measures, physicians can qualify to receive up to a 9% bonus, and even higher for exceptional performers based on their Medicare billing. For more information about the merit-based performance incentive for healthcare providers, visit our Merit-based Incentive Performance Page.

Medisoft Clinical EHR – Key Features

  • Health Maintenance & Protocols – Internet based access to a wide variety of disease and medication protocols based on demographics and conditions specific to the patient
  • Progress Notes – Primary care and specialty-specific progress notes
  • E-Prescribing – Speed up prescription and refill workflow while ensuring safety with drug interaction, allergy, disease, and diagnosis checks in addition to proactive dose advice
  • Coding Advisor based on Note – Analyze your note with the coding advisor for Evaluation and Management Codes
  • Bright Note Technology – Automatically import information like vitals, problem list, allergies, medication list, and medical history directly into a patient’s chart directly from the note. (also works with Dragon Medical One software) See video below for details!
  • Data Sharing/Interoperability – Import and Export CCD or CCR formats to send and receive data from physicians with different EHRs or with the patient’s personal health record (PHR). E-mail a patient’s info directly to another physician.
  • Customizable Chart – Choose specialty or physician-specific views for charts, chart summaries, and flow charts

Medisoft Clinical EHR Screenshot – Patient Chart

With Medisoft Clinical, you get to keep your Medisoft medical billing software. This means no double entry. When you enter patient information into the billing portion of your software, it automatically creates or updates the patient chart in the EHR portion of the software. Keep everything you love about Medisoft practice management like:

Medisoft Clinical EHR Screenshot – Provider Dashboard