Stand-Alone E-Prescribing Software

Stand-Alone E-Prescribing Software

Our stand-alone e-prescribing software streamlines your practice and improves patient care by automating the medication ordering process, reducing medication errors, and increasing prescription accuracy.

With our solution, healthcare providers can access patient medication history, track prescription status, and manage refills, all from one easy-to-use platform.

Advantages of E-Prescribing

  • Patients get their medications quicker
  • Spend less time on prescription refill requests
  • Prevent prescription drug errors
  • Monitor controlled substance prescriptions
  • Spend less time on the phone with the pharmacy
  • Reconcile medication history quickly
  • Reduce lost prescriptions
  • Integrates with your favorite practice management software – MEDISOFT & LYTEC!  Must be on MEDISOFT Network Professional V21 or LYTEC Client Server 2021 for integration.  The integration sends over your patient demographics to the e-prescribing software so you never have to do any double entry!

stand-alone e-prescribing software

Capabilities of E-Prescribing Software

Pharmacy Downloads and Updates

Always access up-to-date pharmacy lists and set preferred pharmacies for seamless e-prescription transmission.

Refills & Favorites

Easily refill patient medications with one click from a list of frequently prescribed medications. Approve or deny refill requests with one click.

Fill History Requests

Quickly access medication history under patient insurance and add it to their current medication list with one click.

Formulary Management

Access a list of all active medications and updated discontinued medications.


Track prescription delivery to the pharmacy with statuses.

Drug & Allergy Interaction Database

Receive warnings for medication interactions and patient allergies.

Dosage Calculator

Access a list of all active medications and updated discontinued medications.


Estimate a patient’s medication cost based on their insurance provider.


Electronically send controlled substances.

E-Prescribing Pricing


  • $99 per provider per month
  • $450 one-time setup fee for identity proofing
  • Provider setup in the software

ERx with EPCS

  • $129 per provider per month
  • $650 one-time setup fee for identity proofing
  • Tokens for EPCS verification

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EPCS Requirements for State

Explore the interactive map below to learn about the EPCS and PDMP information in your state. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of e-prescribing?

E-Prescription software systems have many benefits! Your patients can get their medications much quicker.

Patients’ pharmacies can send you refill requests electronically, saving you time on the phone.

The e-prescription system will sync your patients’ health insurance and show you their eligibility benefits so you can give your patient a cost estimate for the drug(s).

You can search for generic drugs very easily, and the system updates automatically when a drug becomes inactive.

You can make common drugs prescribed your “favorites” and save templates with your signature for even quicker prescribing.

How much does an e-prescribing system cost?

There is a setup fee for getting started with e-prescribing.  The setup fee is a one-time fee per provider and includes identity verification through IdenTrust which is a digital certificate that needs to be renewed every year.

EPCS requires additional verification via a “token” with each prescription.  Hard tokens in the form of a keychain are available, as well as soft tokens in the form of a one-time password generated from a device—typically a mobile application—such as a smartphone or a tablet.  There is a one-time fee to register your token(s) and if you lose it, there is a fee to replace it.

Stand-alone e-prescribing software will have a monthly cost per provider, starting at $100.  The fee covers access, user accounts, backups, upgrades and updates, and typically support depending on the software provider.

If your electronic health record system offers e-prescribing, you will need to check with your vendor if the service is included in your maintenance plan.  In some cases, EPCS is an additional fee while standard e-prescribing is included.

How do I sign up for e-prescribing controlled substances?

If you don’t have software already, you will need to choose software to send prescriptions electronically.  If you are already using an electronic health records system with e-prescribing, check with your vendor or value-added reseller (VAR) if they offer electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS).