AMA Alliance To Standardize Physician Data Reporting

AMA logoThe American Medical Association (AMA) announced yesterday that it has formed an alliance with over 60 organizations to help physicians better utilize payer-provided data reports.  The AMA created the Guidelines for Reporting Physician Data as part of the effort, with input from health insurers, medical societies, health standards organizations, and employer and consumer coalitions.

These guidelines are intended to provide a roadmap for improving the usefulness of physician data reports by encouraging greater format standardization, process transparency, and level of detail, thereby allowing providers to more easily read and interpret the reports, using them as tools to enhance the quality and value of patient care.  AMA president Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD, said in a statement, “Encouraging industry-wide standardization of practice data reports will help physicians double-check the information and use accurate data as a tool to identify opportunities for practice improvement.”

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