MEDISOFT Medical Billing Software

The most popular choice for medical billing software

MEDISOFT billing software, the most popular choice for medical billing software, offers a comprehensive solution for your practice. As a value-added reseller (VAR) and dealer for MEDISOFT, we provide you with the tools you need to streamline your day-to-day medical billing and practice management tasks. With MEDISOFT, you can efficiently handle scheduling and billing, and it goes beyond that, serving as a robust stand-alone medical practice management system.

Medisoft software

MEDISOFT – the most comprehensive and intuitive medical billing software solution

MEDISOFT is comprehensive and scalable, allowing you to easily manage as many providers and claims as you would like. Its simple, flexible, and intuitive design puts it among the top-rated applications on the market for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Physicians and medical groups of any specialty can manage all aspects of their practice with time saving tools to manage: patient scheduling, financial management, inpatient and outpatient collections, revenue management, reporting, compliance requirements, and much more. Find a detailed cost breakdown on our pricing page.

Why Choose MEDISOFT Software?

Affordable medisoftAffordable Medical Software

Microwize handles software training and support for healthcare providers. MEDISOFT is the most affordable application on the market

responsive medical billing softwareMobile Friendly

Supports iPad and iPhone for scheduling on the go. Complete your superbills on any mobile device and access anywhere you have an internet connection

top medical software#1 Selling Medical Software

Over 70,000 providers rely on MEDISOFT for their practice management needs. Ranked #1 medical billing software for ease-of-use and flexibility

NEWEST Features Added to MEDISOFT v28

MEDISOFT v28 comes equipped with brand new features that help automate and streamline your workflow. Version 28 has the following new features:

✓ Fully Integrated Patient Statements with eMEDIX

✓ Daily Appointment and Activity Review

✓ Patient Responsibility Estimate

✓ Enhanced Eligibility Display

✓ Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Support

✓ Streamlined Appointment Reminders and Claim Management

Read more about new features

MEDISOFT Cloud – All in One Medical Billing Solution

✓ Software installation
✓ Free one-on-one training
✓ 24/7 support
✓ Data security and backups
Customizable reports
✓ One low monthly fee

Elevate your medical practice with the the most popular and best value option available to practices and medical billing companies alike. Try MEDISOFT Cloud today,  sign up for a 14 day free trial!

Medisoft Software

Explore MEDISOFT’s Most Powerful Built-in Features

MEDISOFT Mobile/ Patient Kiosk

medisoft mobile kioskMEDISOFT’s mobile app can serve as a patient kiosk for check ins. This application is an included feature that help your office increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. This solution will undoubtedly help decrease the amount of paper in your office, and ultimately streamline the patient intake process for you and your patients.
Learn more about the MEDISOFT app

MEDISOFT Patient Appointment Scheduler

medisoft appointment schedulerSchedule patient appointments easily and efficiently with MEDISOFT’s Office Hours. Whether you have a single-physician practice, or a multi-provider, multi-location practice, the Office Hours scheduler makes it simple and easy to schedule and view appointments.
Learn more about Office Hours


medisoft reports

Of course, reporting is key to measuring and managing performance. The Reports tool is a powerful reporting tool that allows you to quickly and easily create reports, dashboards, and graphs for your staff, patients, and stakeholders. Best of all, the application comes with over 200 pre-configured reports including but not limited to: managed care reports, financial reports, data, reports, chiropractic, and marketing reports.
Learn more about reports

Built-in Word Processor

medisoft word processorFinal Draft is a medical word processor built into Medisoft that makes writing medical documents easier. You’ll find the features in Final Draft word processor that you want most such as a medical spell checker, letter templates, and more.
Learn more about Final Draft

MEDISOFT Add-Ons Available

You can purchase any of the following add-ons for your practice management software:

Send Electronic Claims

Naturally, paper claims sent by mail are slow and unreliable. Alternatively, electronic claims eliminate the need for labor-intensive data entry, offers full scrubbing for all government and commercial claims, and creates reports detailing which claims were accepted and which were rejected. As a result, you can track your claims with accuracy and get paid faster by sending out claims electronically.
Learn more about Medisoft electronic claims

send electronic claims with medisoft

send patient statements with medisoft

Send Secure Electronic Statements to Patients

Eliminate the need for paper with a fully automated system that generates and sends out professional looking statements effortlessly. Next, you can set up your system up to do all the work for you–and even allow patients to pay their bills online.
Learn more about sending statements

Send Automated Appointment Reminders to Patients

Reduce missed appointments and no-shows by sending patients appointment reminders right from your practice management software. For instance, you can send reminders via SMS, email, and phone calls simply and effectively.
Learn more about sending automated appointment reminders

medisoft appointment reminders

medisoft online appointments

Online Appointments with Vosita

Finally, physicians can now list their in-office and telemedicine visits online with Vosita. Vosita allows patients to conveniently find and book you online within minutes. Additionally, booked appointments automatically show up within your schedule! This eliminates double bookings, reduces no-shows, and helps to grow your practice by offering convenient appointment options to patients.
Learn more about online appointments with Vosita

Insurance Card OCR Scanning

Accurate data entry is vital to patient care and billing. Scanning insurance cards ensures you are accurately storing your patients’ insurance information. The OCR insurance card scanning tool makes it quick and easy! With the click of a button, the device scans both sides of the insurance card, converts to text, and inserts it directly into the patient’s chart, thus eliminating data entry errors.
Learn more about OCR scanning

insurance card scanning

medisoft eprescribing

ePrescribing with MEDISOFT

Send prescriptions to patients electronically with MEDISOFT’s e-prescribing capabilities. Sending prescriptions electronically can ensure your patients get their medications much more quickly and let pharmacies send you refill requests electronically, keeping you off the phone. Under the merit-based payment system, electronic prescribing is a measure of the Promoting Interoperability category, worth 10 of the category’s 100 total points.
Learn more about e-prescribing with MEDISOFT

Eligibility Verification with MEDISOFT

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the exact out-of-pocket amount that a patient owes at the time of service? As a result of thousands of customer requests, that is now possible. Finally, new screens in the patient chart contain an enhanced display of up-to-date co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible data pulled directly from the clearinghouse. As a result, this feature saves the user time by eliminating the need to access a clearinghouse portal and allows the user to easily navigate patient chart demographics and insurance data.
See it in action

medisoft eligibility verification


If you’re simply looking for an EHR solution for your practice, look no further. Unfortunately, with all of the EHR software applications available on the market, it is difficult to find a solution that suits your needs. However, MEDISOFT EHR combines the power of the most popular medical billing software in America with Electronic Health Records (EHR), resulting in an EHR application that remains the top choice amongst physicians for its ease-of-use and flexibility year after year.

System Requirements for MEDISOFT

MEDISOFT can be server-based (on-premise) or cloud-based; if choosing a server-based setup, purchasing the hardware recommended by Microwize will prevent slow speed, crashing, and freezing issues. Additionally, we help you analyze hardware requirements needed to run MEDISOFT on your equipment smoothly.

MEDISOFT Version Matrix

Throughout the years, MEDISOFT has evolved to become one of the most powerful medical billing software solutions. Check out the features added to MEDISOFT with each respective version by looking at the MEDISOFT version matrix.

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