Pennsylvania healthcare network begins shift to EMR software

On January 17, Sharon Regional Health System, a Pennsylvania based network of 18 medical facilities and roughly 1,700 employees, announced that it is currently working to transition its paper records to electronic medical records software. By connecting its physicians with these records, the provider hopes to create a better experience for patients, thereby increasing its reputation and bottom line.

Dr. James Ryna, a cardiologist with the healthcare facility, said that, while challenging, the new software provides an ease-of-use he wasn't accustomed to when dealing with pen-and-paper records. According to Ryna, who spoke to local TV news source WKBN, he was impressed with his ability to use his personal computer to instantly access patient data.

"This presents an incredible opportunity for any site within the Sharon Regional Health System as well as any of our independent physicans that choose to connect with our system because you can go see a physican, or at the hospital, or at the clinic, or at the diagnostic center and your records will be readily available," Linde Finsrud Wilson, CEO of Sharon Regional Health System, told the media outlet. 

However, the transition to the EMR software wasn't without its difficulties. For example, Sharon Regional Health needed to dedicate a technology center explicitly to the task of handling the new technology, as its existing facilities didn't have the space requirements to house servers and communication equipment.

Due to the challenges that come with the switch to EMR software, be it from high-quality providers such as Allscripts or Lytec or another alternative, small medical facilities may want to speak with a consultant that can offer recommendations on the best solutions they can use to achieve their goals.

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