Remote Employee Services

Remote Employee Services

Achieve More While Spending Less with Microwize’s Experienced and Affordable Remote Employees!


All remote employees are:
+ HIPAA trained & certified
+ Trained on medical billing standards and best practices
+ Ready to follow your workflow
+ Ready to work full or part-time
+ Experienced with multiple billing applications


Any cloud-based software including but not limited to: MEDISOFT Cloud or LYTEC Cloud, and a VOIP phone system. Also, make sure you check out the full Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services and full medical billing services.

How can a remote employee help my practice?

Microwize understands the challenges that medical practices and billing companies face when it comes to finding qualified staff. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer our remote employees to help your office with a wide range of front office and back office tasks. Our remote employees are thoroughly trained in medical billing and are fully prepared to join your existing staff to assist with:

Front Desk:
+ Answer calls and make appointments
+ Receive payments/copayments, post payments
+ Balance write-offs/adjustments

Back Office:
+ Prior authorizations
+ Patient accounts receivable
+ Follow-up insurance accounts receivable
+ Follow-up patient balances
+ Insurance negotiations
+ Posting charges
+ Reports
+ Patient statements
+ Faxing/filing

Best of all? With a remote employee from Microwize, you can enjoy the benefits of having trained and qualified staff member without incurring overhead costs such as vacation, sick time, and health insurance!

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Meet Some of the Remote Employee Team

How Does it Work?

Schedule a Meeting

Get started by scheduling a meeting with a Microwize rep to discuss your needs, how we can help you, and answer any questions.

Meet Your Employee

Meet with your remote employee and account supervisor to confirm tasks, schedule ongoing meetings, and get to know eachother.

Reduce Your Costs

With a remote employee, you won’t have to worry about paying for hardware, employee sick-time, or benefits.

What Do Our Clients Have to Say About Us?

Dr. John Brandeisky
Doctor Brandeisky John DPM

I was in practice 37 years, the last 20 of which utilized the dedicated services of Microwize. We noticed an immediate uptick in revenue when we started with them in 2003. When audited by Horizon, my charts were bullet proof. Electronic prescribing and other functionalities regarding revenue cycle were performed with such ease and efficiency, we required no billing company. Support and guidance were always available and greatly appreciated. Now that I am done I would like to say without reservation, for newer and older practitioners, that I highly recommend Microwize for all your documentation and revenue cycle needs. Don’t hesitate. Thank you Microwize!!!

Dr. Mary Davidian
Ophthalmology Highland Ophthalmology

I have been working in the medical billing field for 25 years now and have used many different types of billing software during this time. I’ve been using Microwize for 3 years now and their cloud based billing software has been the best I’ve ever used. I can write glowingly about all the features Microwize Technology provides with their billing software, however I have to write about how the support staff goes above and beyond to assist you. Over the last year, my office experience a drastic decrease in our income when we dropped our hospital services. At the same time I was going through personal issues that further affected my financial situation. The level of patience and understanding by their staff is incredible. I highly recommend this software to anyone, large or small practice. Excellent software and excellent staff.

Diego Cavenaghi
Office Manager Morpheus Inc

Had the pleasure to be helped / assisted in the process of the billing services. All my questions and concerns were address, the team was very understanding of our situation. The Microwize Team went above and beyond for us. We are very happy with their service. Overall, great Service, great timing in responses, answered all our questions, and a great knowledgeable staff / team. Thank you for all that you do.

Say Hi to Your New Team and Goodbye to Overhead Costs.

In-house qualified staff, without the overhead costs. Schedule a consultation with Microwize today and let’s talk about how you can enhance your practice’s performance while reducing your expenses.