Remote Employee Services

Remote Employee Services


$525/week (up to 40 hours)

You will get one full-time qualified employee, who is medical billing certified and HIPAA-trained, and one part-time supervisor to join your team and follow your directions and workflow.

What is a Remote Employee?

Microwize is offering virtual employees who can help your medical practice with the front desk or back-office functions such as: answering calls and taking appointments, following up with accounts receivable, running reports, and printing patient statements. A fully qualified employee, who is medical billing certified and HIPAA-trained, is ready to join your team and hit the ground running. Regardless of whether you need coverage for someone on a leave of absence or workforce augmentation, a Microwize remote employee is your best choice. At only $525/week for a full-time employee + a part-time supervisor, it is the best thing you will do for your practice. Never worry about payroll, sick time, vacations, medical or dental insurance…

A Microwize remote employee is an amazing option. Don’t compromise, go Microwize.

Our Process

List tasks

Choose between part-time or full-time

Manage your practice

Remote Employee Qualifications

  • Add to your staff (workforce augmentation) 
  • Get coverage for an employee who’s sick or taking a leave of absence 
  • Front desk or back-office employee 
  • Fully trained and certified on your billing software 
  • HIPAAtrained: No more worrying about paying for sick days, vacations, payroll tax, medical/dental insurance

$525/week (up to 40 hours) 

You will get one fulltime dedicated employee and one part-time supervisor ready to join your team and follow your directions and workflow. 


Cloud-based software such as a Medisoft Cloud subscription or Lytec Cloud subscription and a VOIP phone system. Also, make sure you check out the full Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services and full medical billing services.

Microwize Remote Employee Services

What Can A Remote Employee Do?

Front Desk:  

  • Answer calls and make appointments 
  • Receive payments/copayments, post payments 
  • Balance write-offs/adjustments

Back Office: 

  • Prior authorizations  
  • Patient accounts receivable 
  • Follow-up insurance accounts receivable 
  • Follow-up patient balances 
  • Insurance negotiations  
  • Posting charges  
  • Reports 
  • Patient statements 
  • Faxing/filing 

Remote Employee Services

For $525/week get your dedicated qualified employee + a part-time supervisor who is medical billing certified and HIPAA-trained.

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