San Diego doctors select Allscripts software for EMR transition

As part of a plan to update and synchronize the electronic medical records used by more than 600 physicians in the San Diego area, Scripps Health – a nonprofit community health system that treats around 500,000 patients annually – has announced that it will be using Allscripts software to spearhead its transition to electronic medical record software.

The California-based healthcare group made the announcement on October 25, saying that the software will help its facilities by enabling coordinated care. In particular, the organization announced that it will be using Allscripts Community Record software, which Scripps' doctors say they believe will help them lower the cost of the care they provide.

"This expansion of our partnership with Allscripts is another example of our commitment to delivering the necessary resources to improve patient care in the most cost-effective manner," Patric Thomas, Scripps' corporate vice president and chief information officer, said in a press release. "We are investing in the health of our community by building an advanced, secure method of care collaboration, something that is vital to ensure the continued delivery of high-quality, cost-effective care."

Doctors and small facilities looking navigate their own transitions to EMR software may want to follow the example of Scripps. By investing in technology that can improve patient care, healthcare facilities may be able to reduce costs and increase their efficiency over time. As a result, these individuals may benefit by speaking with a provider of Allscripts software that can also help with crucial steps like installation and training.

By developing a long-term relationship with a company that can provide technical support for leading programs from Medisoft and Lytec, doctors can also avoid the added costs of investing in a healthcare IT employee or department.