91 Charged with Medicare Fraud

healthcare lawThe multi-agency Medicare Fraud Strike Force charged 91 people for allegedly participating in schemes amounting to almost $430 million in Medicare fraud.  The second such major raid by the government in the past few months netted doctors, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals, some of whom were arrested while others surrendered themselves.

Federal, state, and local investigators and prosecutors work together in the Medicare Fraud Strike Force to reduce fraud by analyzing Medicare data and searching for potential irregularities in reimbursement requests.  The coordinated investigation, led by the Departments of Justice and of Health and Human Services, resulted in indictments yesterday against the 91 defendants, for over $230 million in home healthcare fraud, $100 million in mental healthcare fraud, and $49 million in ambulance transportation fraud, as well as other types of healthcare-related fraud.  Some of the defendants are also facing allegations of money laundering and identity theft.

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