Most Doctors Using or Implementing EHRs

ehr / emrA new survey from Medscape shows that 82 percent of physicians are using an Electronic Health Records system currently or in the process of implementing one.  More than 21,000 healthcare providers from 25 specialties were surveyed by the WebMD-affiliated Medscape, and the results suggest that the federal meaningful use program is greatly responsible for the widespread adoption of EHRs.

12% of respondents reported that they will purchase or begin using an EHR system within the next two years, and only 6% of respondents reported that they had no plans to adopt an EHR system within the next two years.  44% said that they are already attesting to meaningful use, and almost one-third expect to attest within the next year.  62% of the survey’s respondents reported being happy with their systems, though the other 38% were dissatisfied.  Nearly one-quarter of respondents who are using EHRs reported an increase in efficiency due to the systems.

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