Choosing the Best EHR Vendor in 2014

Right-And-Wrong-SignsHaving an electronic health record (EHR) system that works for you is more important now than ever.  If you are unhappy with your current EHR technology, you are not alone as, according to IDC Health Insights’ and MedData Group’s EHR Satisfaction Survey, 58% of ambulatory users are very dissatisfied, dissatisfied or neutral about EHR technology.  Overpromises, too much regulatory focus and interoperability issues are at the core of most user dissatisfaction.

Whether you are making a vendor change, a product purchase, or a product upgrade, you should keep in mind that like all software, EHR software undergoes updates, upgrades and patches over time to make sure that the system continues to function and to ensure usability.  As such, when making any choices, foremost in your criteria should be the longevity of your chosen vendor and product.

You should also make a list of potential deal-breakers and decide whether you want your EHR data to reside in-office, on a vendor server, or in web-based storage (“cloud storage”). To help form a list of possible deal-breakers, visit vendor websites and speak to colleagues.

There are many other items to be considered when narrowing the field and the below list outlines some questions that should be answered when making a change or purchase.

Regulatory Requirement Preparedness

Is this system certified and ready for regulatory EHR incentive programs?  And will it be able to support regulatory changes?

Cost of Ownership

What is the price and how much will it cost to use (is special hardware needed, how much is support)?


Is this system sized right for your current needs and it is expandable?


No two settings are exactly the same and workflow can differ even in 2 offices of the same practice.  Is the system user friendly and does it offer the customization that you need?


What type of training and continued support area available?

Vendor Reputation

Has this vendor and their products been around a while and can be considered stable?

So now that you have the questions, make some calls.  Products such as Greenway Medical and Practice Choice stand the test of time offering solutions for your small, medium or large practice.  Meeting regulatory requirements and exceeding customer satisfaction, these EMR’s empower your office.